Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Salam & hi to all,

gladly to announce that i have found the substitute for chocolate drinks for my family, YEAY!...

i know you might be smiling to see the mentioned 'substitute' which is also another chocolate drink haha...can anyone refuse chocolate drinks? i could not resist even.

why did i swift from the previous chocolate drink brand to this one? one of the reasons is because they are manufactured by muslims in my country, and to give moral support to muslim manufacturers here, i need to buy and consume the products. Of course, they are tasty and the price is reasonable (actually cheaper!)

ok, to be honest, that is not the main reason actually. the 1st top reason why i stopped consuming the previous chocolate drink product is because they are manufactured and distributed by a company that has different, contrast policy of human rights with the one i am having right now. what ever their motto is, i am slowly limiting my options on buying their products gradually and eventually i hope to stop buying any of the product they manufacture. why do i sound so firm and serious? is it not just about selling and buying? NOPE. its about human right's principal according to any written law and its consequence goes beyond business transactions.

i am not a problem maker and if they were politically neutral, i wouldnt have any problem with them or any of their products (which is halal & good). the reality, they are not neutral and everybody knows this. By consuming their product, we are similarly helping their business to grow and financially, they are getting stronger and stronger. they brag telling and declaring to the world that they pay their social responsibilities by giving donations/contributions to THE EVIL AUTHORITY who has the 'license' to invade, oppress and eventually 'cleans' the people of Palestine for one purpose - to glorify their RACE and to humiliate ISLAM. Obama knows this, and even though they seem to have the same double standard policy on Palestine, i hope his brain works smarter and more sophisticated than bush. havent you realized that we unconciously weakening the spirit of the people of Palestine by consuming their products?

coming back to chocolate drinks or chocolate beverages, as chocolate lover, this food 'hijrah' is a bit 'painful' to me. i always believe, one day Palestine will get its victory. people there have invested their blood and lives for the freedom, and what have we contributed? where is our commitment? as for myself, i know i need to be istiqamah (consistant) in my jihad (struggling) to put a boycott on their products. the time is up now for us to be united and show our buying power. nevertheless, this company conquers almost all of my favorite snack food products *sigh*...this is difficult but i know i can get through this insyaAllah.

How about you? it took me many years to gain the strength to say NO to some of their products. Alhamdulillah, i have stopped shopping in TESCO, purchase any drinks from STARBUCKS, etc etc etc and refrained myself from consuming few products (unless i dont have any other options). How all these years i have been indirectly supporting their evil massacre movement of my brothers and sisters in the sacred land. how could we condemn the injustices of the arrogant israelis, and go to Mc Donalds on the same day to have lunch? How could we just watch and ignore the blood tears of the Palestians?

How could we continue consuming this without any guilt?

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