Sunday, October 10, 2010


Salam & hi to all,

despite of having 'grumbles' over my naughty cats, i adopted another kitty and for this stray one, i was obliged to do it..why? he was furiously bitten at his lower back and about to be killed by a neighbor's male cat. he is just barely 3 weeks of age!

my heart was trembling to see how badly injured he was, crippling with the 2 hands, and was scared, trying to hide behind the boxes at my back yard. it was last week actually. we sent him to a vet, and i was told that the chances for him to recover to normal condition was very slim. there wasnt any bone fracture, but the vet was worried about having any severe injury at the spinal. i was stunned when she suggested to put him to sleep. after taking the prescription and paid the medical bill, i carried the little kitten as if i had just given birth to him. from his eyes and the way he looked at me, notwithstanding the pain he suffered, i know his spirit to live was strong and he needed me.

his eating appetite is good, and he poo and pee at whenever he sits. so you can imagine how dirty the groin area is.

i have decided to keep him and give him some physiotherapy, my way and my style. look at his legs, he is half 'vegetable'.

at first i washed the tail, groin and let the tap water flow through his 2 legs. the purpose is for him to feel the changes of the temperature. i wanted to see his reflex. i saw some movement. that was a good indication that he could walk again. wiped his wet fur and put him on the table.

then i pulled each leg slowly and gently. when i let go, i can see that he pulled back his leg. that was another good indication.

then i lifted both of his legs to see his respond. this time he didnt respond. maybe the muscle was tensed, i hope i didnt hurt him.

next, i gave him a gentle massage on his back, especially the area he was bitten. he seemed to like it veeeeeeeery much haha...

i lifted his stomach as shown in the picture, to support his body to walk. he could barely stand on the 2 other legs.

this boy showed the spirit to walk. i saw he was struggling.

look at him. how am i proud of him.

now to check his ability to grip. this is my cats tree i built with a friend 2 years ago.

only one leg was able to hold/make a grip. the other one is still very weak i guess. we need to repeat this exercise for the next 2 days.

after the physiotherapy session, i pad his head, told him how happy i was to see his progress. i think cats need to be motivated as well.

actually he got his name at the vet when the clinic assistant asked me his name for the registration purposes. i named him SYIFA' and it means to heal.

between both of us, there is an intuition that makes me love him like the other cats i have and i do believe, with Allah SWT will, this kitty will walk again, insyaAllah :)


  1. Dr.Maryam.

    Sebak dada tengok kucing ini, moga-moga ia segera sembuh.

    Teringat kisah kucing sendiri dibunuh orang.

  2. Aliff,

    dia masih tak boleh berjalan tanpa dibantu. bayangkan kucing jantan jiran dah gonggong kitty ni di mulutnya, bila kami kejar baru dia lepaskan...kisah kucing ni memang banyak pahit manis, utk kucing Aliff, sedih tu mungkin akan terubat dengan ambil kucing baru :)