Saturday, July 3, 2010


Salam & hi to all..

i didnt cycle today as the weather wasnt permissible for my sunday activity. i went to Pasar Tani instead near to my area to shop some chicken, red meat, fish and stuff. i told my kids, that beginning July 2010, we are going to start on consuming healthy food, which i meant, healthier foods.

so, instead of buying the normal chicken meat which cost about RM 6.50 or so, i turned to 'ayam kampung' which bred without any antibody injection, or any growth enhancement hormone being given to them. they fed on normal food and reared in village. the price? RM 14 per kilogram!

i have also told my children that started this month on, we are going to stop eating fries from Mc Donalds, and gradually skip all its burgers. i bought more fish to 'educate' my kids to take fish as one of their protein source. vegetables? they will eat them only if i bribe them.

so, whats all of this wet market shopping story has to do with the topic? according to the law of attraction, selfish means self care..and we need to be selfish.

to be continued..too sleepy..

10th July 2010

so, here it goes..i am awake after a week long and comfort 'hibernation' haha..ok, we were talking about being selfish or self care. whatever the terms and definition is, we know that we are incharge of our well being, welfare and stability in all aspects, physical, mental and spiritual. according to the law of attraction theory, being selfish is giving ourselves the attention we deserve. i wont go into details as i am not the expert in this but anyways, lets talk about giving the needs to our body, they way it should be.

i remembered a friend said that human have gone beyond that what they should get, i.e food. compared to animal, there is no teh tarik, no coffee, no cakes, tomyam etc...they just eat what is destined for them to eat in order to survive. we human, eat for pleasure and for the sake of life style. ok, some eat because they are hungry, and hungry for every 2 hours..

i didnt object nor agree to his statement. for me, it has been stated in the Quran that Allah has given uncountable 'nikmat' in life for us to appreciate, and these are for reasons...that is to thank Him and the last course to worship Him for the non stop, continuous rewards given. so, we cant reject nor deny 100% of halal foods if happened they were served for us. take adequate amount and enjoy the glorious taste!

But…as far as giving the best care to our body is concern, we need to be fussy and give extra attention on what goes into our mouth. yes, they could be delicious, and they could be toxidic as well. can our body process and digest them all? what happened if they couldnt? where will those toxic go? can our body preserve them?

my main concern is the poultry industry in Malaysia. the ayam kampung seller told me, that ayam kampung is intelligent, they will disperse like crazy if they see their friends being slaughtered. look at the commercial bred chickens, they will just look and act as if nothing has happened, even the slaughtered ‘friends’ were thrown next to where they were standing! zero reaction! they were ‘tailored made’ not to have emotions and the farm owner wants a bunch of totally dumb chicken to ease their work. these 'programmed to be served' chickens live to eat, received the growth booster injections and to be slaughtered. they dont know how to respond to anything, except when they are hungry. they cant think, of course they cant, and compared to ayam kampung, they looked handicapped in all aspect except of one, physical size. well, that is what chicken rearing is all about, isnt it?

so, this is what i have fed my kids for many-many years. better late than never. ayam kampung is expensive but it worth buying rather than spending money on medicines when our kids fall sick. i want my kids to be smart, know how do differentiate between the right and wrong … stand for anything which is by principal, is correct and right. defend for what is righteous and fight against the wrong deeds. i know education plays its important role in building the sahsiyah of the kids, but what we eat do counts. Look at how difficult to bring out a kid nowadays, where we need to give reasoning behind every instruction. look at our parents, when our elderly nation were small, they hear and they obey. There are many other aspect to look into in bringing up children, of course, I hardly deny that..

we are what we eat remember so its ok to boycott the normal commercially bred chicken now. we need to care for what we swallow and be kinder to our digestive system. this is selfish, but in a positive perspective :)

p/s i am not sure whether this is a joke or a fact, that commercial reared chicken can die on the spot if they were extremely shocked. due to heart attack?