Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How To Make Pizza!

In The Name of Allah, The Giver of All..The Sustainer..

i made pizza tonight and i would like to share with you how i did it :)

there are 2 main items, the dough and the paste. the toppings is optional. 

the paste and toppings
anti clock wise , tomato, beef salami, cheese block, mushroom, a table spoon of oregano/mixed herbs, salt, black pepper powder, garlic powder (grind dried garlic), brown sugar, a small bowl of tomato puree, onion. the pineapple is also optional..

preparing the dough

put in 3/4 glass of water or a glass of water (about 250 ml) in a bowl and add one big table spoon of brown sugar
add 2 teaspoon of instant yeast or a packet of it (15-20 gm)
the yeast impact (i think the micro organism were multiplying)
add 3 cups of bread flour or multi purpose flour
add a teaspoon of salt
add approximately 1/3 cup of olive oil
mix them using a machine or you can use ur hand.
leave it for 30-40 minutes.
 meanwhile.....(while waiting for the dough to rise, prepare the paste)
separate the stem and the cap. the stem is to added in the paste and the cap is for the topping

cut into slices
dice all except the salami.  you can cut into any shape you like
pour some oil in a pot. use medium fire
put the diced onion first. fry until it becomes soft
put in the tomato, mushroom stem, mixed herbs, salt, brown sugar, pepper, garlic powder and stir for 5 mins
add half glass of water and let it shimmer for 10 mins
add the tomato puree
close the pot with its cover and leave it in small fire for 10 mins
turn off the stove and leave it to cool off..

after 30 minutes ........................
look at that! the size become almost double
i have to add somemore flour as my dough was very sticky. this is the beauty of bread making, you can always adjust the ingredients.
as i am making an individual pizza, i made some small portion and start to knead.
5 balls. leave it for 10-15 minutes. meanwhile you can start to heaten up the oven
look at that! after 10 mins
oil the pan
shape them to whatever size and shape you like, it doesnt need to be round :)
dont forget the grate the cheese..what pizza means without it
apply the paste and put the toppings ingredient.  sprinkle some grated cheese on top..

bake them in the oven for 15-20 minutes with medium fire
its easy, delicious and nutritious!

good luck!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

DIY : How To Make A Glass Picture Frame

In The Name Of Allah, The Greatest, The Creator

Salam & hi to all,

i am in the mood of holding my electrical home improvement tools! haha..

to those who want to decorate their empty looking wall with something easy and cheap, lets try this.

there are 3 procedures involved, they are :-


For the WALL, you are going to need :-

glass tightener/frame holder 
each of the glass tightener consists of 2 silicon ring, cap with screw and the housing
help me, i dont know what its called :( but i know how to use it
4 wall plucks, i used plastic ones. 4 screw nails (about 1.5 inches)

For the PICTURE, you are going to need :-
cutting blades. one is enough.
any picture (in my case, i chose one Islamic calligraphy with the meaning "THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH
a roll of sticker, to whatever design or color you like (the size depends on the frame's size).
if you decide to use a ready made picture, such as a scenery picture, then omit this sticker.

 For the GLASS FRAME, you are going to need :-
2 pieces of clear glass, with 5mm of thickness.  the size? up to you. why 2 pieces? you will know why later.
make sure you ask the glass supplier to make 4 holes at each of the edges. some prefer archelic instead of glass (looks like crystal clear plastic, i am not sure of the spelling though)

for the wall, i chose the part which has wires of electric jotting out. actually there was a  decorative lamp on the wall, but i didnt like it. i got another idea how not to waste it. 
see? ( the whiteboard in the picture is made of tempered glass).
measure the 'straightness' using the yellow tool. (dont ask me the name haha!)
how is it functioning? just look at the bubble. if its in the middle, means the frame is stable and centralized
mark the places to drill.
drill the wall at the marked place, and insert the wall pluck
nail the housing of the frame holder with a screw nail (4 places)
like this. leave it for a while


a sticker consists of a glued plastic sticker, and a paper to cover it.
based on the sample arabic calligraphy shown above, i copied it onto the back  of the sticker. why? because it has scale  lines that ease me to estimate my drawing. (i used my free hand to imitate it)

but the part of paper with scale lines is actually just the cover, not the sticker itself. so i have to draw it reversely. how to do it without much mistake? i made my own light table, just like the draftsmen table :p

up side down, but just wait, you'l see the result later


clean the surface of one the glass thoroughly. you can use any multipurpose cleaner, or vinegar.

spray some detergent diluted in water as shown in the picture

see? why is this soapy surface is required? good question :)

separate the sticker part and its cover

put on the soapy surface. without the soapy condition, its hard to put the sticker evenly

eliminate the bubble using a ruler

once the sticker sticks well, cut out the unwanted parts of the letters

pull it out gently

from front

from behind. did you notice that actually the sticker suppose to be in between 2 pieces of glasses?

then we need to cover it with another piece of glass


lift both glasses carefully and tighten all the 4 screw nails to hold the frame
WALLA! i think it'l look brighter and more beautiful once i put on the wall lights behind it :)

i know its tedious, but it worth the time doing it :)