Monday, November 29, 2010

Savannah Cats

Salam & hi to all...

i want Savannah cats, thats in my mind now...look at them, they are gorgeous!

these photo are from the net...i havent checked whether Savannah cats are available in Malaysia, would like to browse and search for more info, but i have to go for a meeting now! *sigh* nice if i can do some social work in the zoo ;)

cutie pie baby kitty

i want them i want them i want them

i want to take him out for a ride ! haha....
 i dont know how my other cats would feel if i add another 'hairy member' in the family....

is it true that jungle cat eats a normal sized cat? oh ooooooo


  1. Hi,

    You cuba pi ni blog yer,

    Ade kawan rekemen kat blog ni, masih baru tapi satu2nya yg saya jumpa nak start breeding kucing Savannah.

  2. sorry but just wanna ask, do you know any breeder in malaysia??

    n btw, dnt think they eat other domestic cats... they are much more tame than bengal... (^_^)

  3. hai there yuki, i am sorry i dont know any..yes i believe they are smart little mini 'tiger' :) maybe you can visit but i am not sure the quality breed of savannah n whet they are ready for sale..

  4. Hi, If you r are interested in savannah cats kindly email me at
    I've F5 savannah cats available for sale with certificate. For more details and price on the savannah cats that I have kindly email me. thanks