Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Salam & hi to all..

its hard to announce it, but i have to face this. i gained 3 kilograms!!! didnt run for quite sometimes now, my left knee needs a break. i have been 'exercising' in the kitchen though, trying new recipes, especially from the middle eastern.

so, lets talk about food now. after getting myself a mincing machine, life in the kitchen seems more interesting. now, i made my own meatballs, burgers and recently, my own kebab, yeay !this is how i did it :-

you are going to need

1. half kg red meat (beef)
2. 5 unions (the more the better)
3. half teaspoon white pepper (powder)
4. 2 eggs
5. 1 potato
6. celery
7. half teaspoon salt


1. mince the meat and put aside. chop or dice the unions and fry until they turned brown and put aside. cut the celery into small pieces and put aside. boil the potato until soft (i prefer to boil it with its skin).
2. peel the potato skin and put it into a medium sized bowl and mash it. then put the minced meat, fried unions, minced celery, white pepper, an egg and salt. mixed all the ingredient well. (mixing style: press, scoop and press again for few minutes)
3. leave it for 15mins - half an hour, as to marinate it.
4. make any shapes or sizes as you like.
5. beat an egg in a small bowl.
6. before frying your kebab/meatballs etc, dip in egg and fry in small amount of vegetable oil/normal cooking oil. i recommend a non stick pan, as the kebabs tend to break easily.
7. how do you like your kebab, either half or well done, its up to advice, once you see the reddish meat color diminishes , then its considered cooked. if they were over cooked, the color would be quite dark, with some burning smell and of course it would be very dry. a nice kebab is the one with water content to maintain its softness. nobody enjoys eating hard and dry kebab...

for the remainder of the raw kebab, you can press into any shape and wrap with the food plastic. you can keep in the fridge as a stock and fry it anytime you like. if you want to cook it via microwave, pls unwrap it first.

you can eat it with bread, or normal rice. in my case, i served it with an iranian rice with dil herbs (you will notice the small leafy green color in the rice) and carrot & potato stew.

loved it.

p/s please wash your hand thoroughly before and after processing the above mentioned food processing procedures. peace :)

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