Monday, June 27, 2011

Civet Cat Kitties & Kitties

Salam & hi to all....

i know they looked fact they are :)

6 of my 3 weeks kitties and 3 of my 1 month civet kitties, all told, 9 'tails' (these photos were taken a week ago)

how could this be wrong? this is called the unconditional love....

i just wonder...can they mate once they grew older?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How To Make Spreadable Cream Cheese

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful
Salam & hi to all,

my favorite olive spreadable butter was finished last week and i was so lazy to do my groceries. its not saturday yet!

got to think of its substitute. yes! its going to be a creamy, spreadable cream cheese!
here is how i did it.

remember the 'how to make yogurt' post? so, i used the yogurt i made.
you will notice there is water surfacing the yogurt. throw the excess water if exists.
put approximately 100-150 gram into a flat saucer.  if the saucer is big, then put more.
the idea is to get a thin layer of  yogurt.
like this. put in the refrigerator (not at the freezer compartment)
for few days (a week will do). 
the layer thickens but not so hard.
as you can see in the picture, it looks soft and spreadable.
see what i mean? 
its nice to eat it with a sweetened chocolate bread and a cup of hot coffee (with milk please ;P )
just imagine if you  were to have this during your tea time
and outside your window, you can see the heavy rains pour..hmmm
the taste? if you dont mind the sourish taste from the yogurt, then this kind of spreadable cream cheese suits your choice. some prefer a sweetened spreadable cheese, some just like it plain. 

well, all the best and good luck!

NOTE : if the spreadable cream cheese is very salty, you can add some sweetened condensed milk. mix it with the creamcheese and stir. actually it tastes better and yummier :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

D.i.Y - How To Use A Flexible PVC Hose To Replace The Straight PVC pipe

Salam & hi,

this morning, i thought my water supply was cut by the water local authority here. i have paid this month bill so what was the matter? no water for shower! i suppose to be very angry, but Alhamdulillah, managed to control my temper. want to know why? somebody has stepped on my main pvc water pipe, and just look at the picture below, its broken!! my maid accused my son of doing it, my son denied, and accused her instead and dadadada...i dont want to know who is main concern, this need to be fixed. as what i posted in my FB, fault finding is wasteful. so, lets see how i fixed it. 

the 'victim'. that is the main water inlet pipe.
look at the red line pipe. the water inlet came from inside of my house,
going out through the usage meter .
the blue line of pipe is for the house water usage. the parts involved was the red line pipe.
pls ignore the yellow line. 
my fixing work started with the point of the red arrow
taken out the defected parts. how artistic!
 i cant recall who was the previous contractor
but this crooked pipe connection is unacceptably & unprofessionally done!
i used this to replace it, a flexible pvc hose. not as flexible like a rubber hose
and not so hard as the normal hollow straight pvc pipe. this is just nice for me. 
i used a pair of tightener/lock (black color) for the flexible hose pipe
3 sockets (sized half inches) and L joint socket (some call it elbow)
check the tightener. it must consist of 4 parts,
the rubber and the white thing are very important. 
apply all socket with white tape as shown in the pic
new stop-cock, to replace the old one which has pvc broken pipe stucked inside
take out the old stop-cock.
replace it with  the new one. look at the water.
you can imagine how strong my house water pressure is

since that the new stop-cock is working, turn off the tap.
now put on the socket to connect the stopcock and the L socket
test it. its working. turn off the tap
now, measure the right length to be used.
cut the flexible pvc hose with a small saw
this is how they should be arranged. very important- the position of the rubber bend.
insert and push it inside. this is to block the water from coming out. there shouldnt be any space
else you will have a hard time with the water spurs out from the connection made.
(that was what happened to me)
see? the rubber bend just nicely fitted in togetherwith the first edge of the flexible pvc hose
then use the plastic white part to push the rubber inside and tighten all parts
this is how it should looked like


put the socket as shown in the picture
(pls refer to the red arrow from previous photo)
the same thing, make sure the rubber bend is inserted tightly
and nicely inside the front receiver. make sure the 2nd edge for the same hose goes deep inside (maximum) and tighten them all
this is how it should looked like
look at the red lines...that is where the flexible pvc lies. less items used.
turn on the stop-cock tap. WALLA! it worked. you can see the meter pressure readings. its functioning.
i have spent approximately 3 hours doing this fixing works. it is because i was confused on the arrangement of the black tightener, which comes first? the rubber or the white plastic thing, and notice the white plastic, the circular one should face the tightener or vice versa? got blister on my palm doing the tightening and re-open the whole thing, just to get things right. went through this torturous trial & error with the item and after getting myself wet, and hungry (no appetite/couldnt enjoy any food if in the midst of DIY works) at my 'car porch turned to a mini garden', this experience really a worthwhile one. i learned something new and i need to share this with others.

ALhamdulillah, i am satisfied with the work done, and we got our water supply as soon as the pipe was fixed. everybody is happy, especially my maid ;)

Friday, June 3, 2011

How To Make Kebab Balls

Salam & hi to all,

its about food again!!! haha..

i have posted about how to make kebab in my previous writing, but i didnt explain details on the A-Z process in making kebab. today, i made some alteration to the recipe to suit malaysians taste...spicy.

so, here are the things you need to prepare :-

5 kg red meat (beef), washed and cleaned.

onions, red chilies, small green, celery, spring onion sprouts and dried parsley
1 tablespoon black & white pepper, 1 tablespoon salt & sugar
and 1 tablespoon soup powder

my toy in the kitchen, the mincer

just put HALF of the meat inside and mince. put aside


ground the white & black pepper and let them look like crunchy granules..
(not in powder form)

cut all and put all cut onion, chilies, salt, soup powder, ground white & black pepper in a frying pan,
and when they turned like 'half fried', turn off the fire. 
like this
this is ingredient B.

put all the ingredient B and mince. 
remember that we only mince half of ingredient A?
now after mincing the ingredient B, then put the remainder of the ingredient A and mince.
this is put ensure all ingredient B be pushed out from the machine..

mix all ingredient A & B, and put the dried parsley.

you can do some punching exercise with the kebab mixture for 5 minutes

cut the pointing edge of the plastic bag
Scoop in the plastic bag, and press. just like making butter cookies....
you can limit the minced mixture with your finger and arrange them nicely on a tray.
then put in the freezer. once they are all hardened, you can take them out
and put in a plastic container. always keep them in the freezer.
you can take them out anytime to fry/cook in microwave. they last weeks!

Its clean, halal & good!

fried spicy kebab balls with boiled carrot and little rice :)
sometimes i used 10kg of meat to prepare kebab and keep them in the freezer for weeks. due to my busy schedule (but try my best to cook for our lunch/dinner) this way is practical to prepare a quick, safe and nutritious meal. my kids at times, cook themselves while waiting for me to comeback from work :)...