Monday, June 27, 2011

Civet Cat Kitties & Kitties

Salam & hi to all....

i know they looked fact they are :)

6 of my 3 weeks kitties and 3 of my 1 month civet kitties, all told, 9 'tails' (these photos were taken a week ago)

how could this be wrong? this is called the unconditional love....

i just wonder...can they mate once they grew older?


  1. hai.
    are these yours?
    ada keinginan untuk jual tak? i love civets!

  2. hi there Sara Akmal..yup, u can call me the caretaker haha...glad that u love musang pandan d moment, my kids n i love them very much, never think of letting them go/sell them. but who knows in future. if we do, i will let u know ya..

  3. salam mdam mariam. civet kitties!! so adorable! i have a civet b4 this but so sad it dies to an unknown disease. i wish that i could have it once again. would you mind to let mdm mariam?

  4. Salam Aswad, i am sorry for your loss. have u sent him for immunization? we bath our civet kitties once a week and add instant protein in the milk, they love milk very much! about 'lending' our kitties...hmmm, let me toilet train them first, i wish they could be trained haha..

  5. Hi Maryam,
    Besides Milk what else do you feed them?
    How many months do they drink milk until they start eating other foods?

  6. Hi Memph,

    they love milk eventho they have grown up. sometimes i fed them raw egg, they loved it very much. they love to eat almost anything, especially fruits. once in a while i give them cats dried food (branded), animals with fangs crave crunchy food haha...
    p/s i have let all of them go, to live freely in the jungle (which has many plants which bear fruit)..i think they deserved the freedom :)

  7. nice, they are very cute :) yes guess the wild suits them better thank you for replying, looking forward to your new posting if you have anymore interesting pets :)