Saturday, April 16, 2011

D.I.Y - How To Make A Dustbin

Salam & hi,

please dont throw any of your empty (finished) paint container as you can recycle it to be a dustbin!

how i did it? 

you are going to need :-

an empty paint container, any size
a saw
a knife
a tin can of spraying paint

sand paper ( i cut it into 1/4)


cut at any desired level of the container. 
remove the unwanted part
smoothen the rough area

rub the body with the sand paper
spray the outer and inside the container
(actually i did it outside the office, pls protect your lungs by wearing a nose cap)
WALLA! one nice & cute  purplish dustbin :)

 good luck :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Frustrated in Love? Are We The Most Unfortunate?

Salam & hi to all,

i came across this interesting video about why bad things happen if God exists?

everyone sees what they believe seeing...or what they want to believe seeing, or hoping to see. same goes with having something in possession, we become angry if we dont get what we want..or what we are expecting missed its target...having someone to blame is seemingly a norm to reduce the tense, and blaming God is the easiest way to throw off the tantrum.

let me be specific. actually i want to talk on how to handle our emotions if someone that we love doesnt love us in return. its hurtful and painful from within, trust me, i know. being in despair and angry for the one sided feelings, is the output of the unsuccesful attempt of getting the mutually shared feeling. when something isnt mutual, can it be forced then? my point is, love is pure, it comes by itself  but ....who decides that and when would it really going to happen?

i like the part when one of the speakers mentioned about life test. its not about us, its about the test Allah SWT put upon us. its a burden, but hey, who are we to question about His liberty? remember that He is our master and He decides what to test, who to test and when to test. and remember, who scale the marks and for what purpose? is this how God have fun? does Allah hate us by letting all these uninvited mishaps to enter into our life? are we the most unfortunate person on earth just because a man or a woman doesnt love us back? or at least pay the same level of attention we deserve? 

its nice to pass any test but its nicer to enjoy the feeling of content after overcoming all the so called
love miseries.  

expecting to be loved and concerned of, is undeniably everybody's needs. Allah SWT has mentioned in the Quran that He made human, to spare the love for each other. for me, He knows who is the best for us, to be our other half so to speak. to be our life partner. to be our lifelong companion. the fate is fixed.

so, what is all those grudges for? He, our Master, decides when the right time comes to meet the right person, walla! Allah gives the surprise we can hardly deny in our hearts, that this is it and this is what we have been hunting for all our lives. its the timing matter.

we have du'a to seek the forcasted happenings we longed to experience..and if we were to be tested as love beggars, then be it. handle the feelings smartly, be yourselves and dont let your loves ones lost you while you were day dreaming. if you climb something exceeding the height limit, it would be more painful than falling down from a chair. on the efforts, you can decide your personal emotional management procedures.

give yourself to you and to the nearest people who love you. its not worthwhile to lose them all over something uncertain. its just like gasping in a dark hoping to hold the door tomb to make an exit. appreciate what you have now and let this special love finds its own way to inhabit the 2 hearts of the 2 birds. have faith in Allah and put the trust that He is the best planner ever.

to single ladies out there, be cool and be steady... :)