Thursday, August 5, 2010


Salam & Hi to all,

it has been many many weeks i havent wrote anything, just finished my latest sports event which i've taken part, it was the Ipoh Century Ride 2010, which total distance of ride was 160km, completed within 7hours 35mins haha (the fastest was 4 plus hours only)

Anyway, i am going to write a true story tonight, about an old Jew who was blind, jobless, maybe did some beggar work near the market place to survive and also known by the public in that territory as a person whose mouthful with vulgar swearing towards the Prophet, Muhammad s.a.w. Surely he hated the Prophet s.a.w, more than he could say. Weird, he had never seen who he was swearing all those while. people who passed by would just ignore him be in his poor neglected condition. No one seemed to care of his welfare and considered as a nuisance....except to one man.

This one man, made feeding this old blind jew as his routine...until one day, this kind man stopped doing his usual feeding activity. As usual, that blind old jew would shout saying that the Prophet was the cause of his bad luck for that day and continue cursing the beloved Prophet s.a.w. as his way to throw his tantrum. He was governed by hatred which benefited him nothing.

On the day the Prophet wafat (passed away), the market place was not busy as before. After Saiyidina Abu Bakr was appointed to become the new khalifah (leader), he tried the best he could to continue what the Prophet s.a.w has been practicing during his reign. The sunnah was what the Prophet s.a.w left for us to follow were all in the knowledge of Saiyidina Abu Bakr. He felt that there was something still undone.

So, one day, he asked Saiyidatina Aisyah, her daughter and also the wife of the Prophet s.a.w, about what were the thing that the Prophet would be doing that was not known to him. He wanted to ensure the 'continuation' of the Prophet's activities during his life.

She told him that the Prophet used to feed an old blind jew at the market place. In no time Saiyidina Abu Bakr rushed to the market place and searched for the mentioned blind old jew. He saw an old blind man, sitting at a corner, busy cursing the Prophet s.a.w out loud. Realizing that there was a 'stranger' near him, the old man yelled at Saiyidina Abu Bakr asking him to go away. Saiyidina Abu Bakr told him of his purpose to be there was to feed him. The old blind jew scolded Saiyidina Abu Bakr telling him that he didnt want anyone but the only man who used to feed him daily.

Saiyidina Abu Bakr tried to convince him that he was the person who always feed him everyday. with anger he yelled 'no, you are a liar, the man's voice is soft not like yours'. Saiyidina Abu Bakr smiled and soften down his voice and tried to put the food into that blind old man's mouth.

Again he yelled saying 'the man who used to feed me, will never give me hard food, he will chew it first then slowly put it into my mouth, else i would be chocked!' in his full temperamental voice. Saiyidina Abu Bakr was saddened, his eyes were soaked with tears and ran on his cheek. he chewed the food to small pieces and kindly put into the readily opened mouth of that arrogant old man.

Then when he wanted to put another chewed food into the old man's mouth, again that ungrateful old blind jew yelled ' the man who used to feed me will never force feed me, he will wait until i swallowed the food completely...and he will do that until i am full ! '. Saiyidina Abu Bakr's hands were shaking for him couldnt bare his emotion and burst crying. It was a quiet moment, and after a while, he asked the old blind man who was the person who treated him with full of kindness and love.

with a sober tone of voice, the old blind man answered ' how would i know, he just came to me everyday, talk softly to me asking me whether i am hungry, and kindly feed me until i am full....i never asked his name anyway '. With tears and semi husky voice (due to refraining himself from sobbing), Saiyidina Abu Bakr told him that he man who fed him daily was the beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., the man that he has been cursing everyday.

It was told that before his last breath, the blind old jew had converted to Islam. Islam came to him and he found Islam, through the beauty of akhlakh and sahsiyyah (attitude) of our beloved Muhammad s.a.w. The Prophet s.a.w could be praying and setting duas to Allah to give taufik and hidayah (way of truth) to the old man everytime to put food in his mouth. Subhanallah.

This story telling has no personal agenda except for educating the true beautiful character our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). we should be inspired with all actions and doings of kindness shown by the chosen one.

"..Be mindful of Allah, you will find Him before you. Get to know Allah in prosperity and He will know you in adversity. Know that what has passed you by was not going to befall you; and that what has befallen you was not going to pass you by. And know that victory comes with patience, relief with affliction, and ease with hardship."(al-tirmidhi:hadith19)


  1. Thanks God, finally i found this story in english language. I've been looking for the english version while I have the audio version in Bahasa Indonesian. If you dont mind, I'd like to repost this story in my blog, please visit me as well. :)

    I have several stories regarding his ultimate kindness to humankind. He is the best of the best. But I have to transcript it into text and translate it into english, coz I havent found the english version yet. hehe....

    again, thanks for this inspired story, and please allow me to write it down on my blog. Thanks very much

    Peace be upon on him, our beloved prophet Rasulullah Muhammad SAW. Amin.

  2. assalamualaikum..may i know where did u get the references for this story because m doing my assignment n couldnt find the sources..if u do know..please let me know, tq

  3. salaam alaykum brother, it is beautiful story, could you give me the referance please? where did you get it?

    1. This story doesn't have reference.
      also I have two points that go against this story.
      First there are accounts of Mo having people that spoke against him killed
      Second Mo traveled a lot so it would be impossible for him to feed the beggar every single day. Even if this story had some truth behind it(which I doubt) it's impossible for it to be completely true. (Unless it happened during the end of Mo's life but I thought he was in Mecca then and not Medina...correct me if I'm wrong on this).

    2. you called mo??
      u so disrespect!

  4. Last days of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam were spent in Madinah, for sure.