Tuesday, December 21, 2010

5km in 30mins?

Salam & hi to all,

i dont know whats wrong with me this morning, my mind wasnt on the treadmill...but my legs were on it, running. my mind floated elsewhere *sigh*...and this has taken lots of my energy, and i finished my 30 minutes run breathlessly...spent another an hour doing some weights lifting and stomach crunching.

10 minutes in sauna helps though...i felt fresh and after cleaning myself, went to the office, feeling fresher and motivated :)

anyway, i know i would be sleepy for another an hour or two...

please dont ask about my '5km in 30mins' target, haha..


Salam & hi to all,

again about leech, but this time, its about their 'castle'...

this is 2 x 1 feet aquarium, i put some small rocks, wood and plants in it

i think they were so happy in their new home

hmm....its normal if they want to escape

some water plants....not just for decoration, leech loves to hide within their roots

i need to cover this aquarium with something

at first i thought to cover it with a plastic net...then i found some left over curtain in my wardrobe :)

one healthy leech

some couldnt stand the chlorine water... :(
working leech are just like us, working people. some are good hard working, some are lazy. some would prick the skin and suck at a point of touch, but some take time to even bite. some are sleepy type, whereby we need to pad their body with wet cotton to wake it up. some are weak or sick, they wont suck at all..dont force them to do the work then. release the sick or weak back to the aquarium or freed them into a river.

my third stock is coming next week insyaAllah, and i cant wait to have them :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How To Make/Extract 100% Avocado Oil (PART 2)

Salam & hi,

to tell you the truth, i was not really satisfied with the first avocado oil i made. its a bit smelly and i didnt really like it.

so, what i did, took another 2kg of bad avocado and made some alteration to the 'recipe'..

you are going to need :-
2kg (approximately ) of bad avocado

clean dry bottle. 
put the whole 2 kg bad avocado into a medium sized frying pan.
Just avocado, no additional coconut oil , water nor baby oil.
Cook the avocado in medium fire. Press the avocado using the bottom part of the bottle.
press and press until it turns a bit dark (about 2 hours)  

Cooked and dry. put in a bowl

put some in a cloth to squeeze the cooked avocado.
Squeeze it into a different bowl (no picture of that )

pour the oil into the same bottle used in the earlier process. (you can use other bottle if you like)
this time, the oil extracted was a bit greenish. i like the color. 

almost 350 ml pure avocado oil. 100% avocado oil.

look at the waste. i have tried to use it as facial scrub, and guess what?
its fantastic!

i thought the smell would turn worse, but i was wrong. its simply avocado smell with avocado aroma.. you can use it as your salad dressing or can apply to moisture your dry skin/hair. 

the time used for the A-Z process was also shortened.....maybe due to no additional water/coconut oil/baby oil. i think i prefer the modified recipe rather than the previous one.

hmm...how nice if i were to have an avocado orchard :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How To Make/Extract Avocado Oil

Salam & hi to all,

Today, i felt so happy for producing my very own avocado oil YEAY!!

Last month, i got 129 avocados which were 70% bad and 30% still can be eaten, ate 2 or 3 per day, and due to avocado doesnt last long,  they rot and couldnt be eaten anymore. to throw away almost 100 rotten avocado just like that? no way!

i browsed the net searching for tips how to extract avocado oil. searched in youtube, and google, my efforts were in vain. i have to use common sense how to do it. this is how i did it.

you are going to need :-

for the purpose of sharing, i just used approximately  2kg of bad avocado
1 liter coconut cream (optional, you can omit it if you want 100% avocado oil extract)

a piece of cloth and a bowl
250gram pure coconut oil, (this is also optional, you can also omit this)
(any brand, i bought this one from my Myanmar client)
use few table spoon of baby oil (if you cant stand the smell of cooked avocado,
this is optional, you can omit this if you like)

pour the coconut cream and mix it with the avocado in a blender  machine

until really smooth
you can add more or if its too thick, you can add some tap water 

pour everything in a suitable sized pot, cook  in slow fire
. stir every 5 minutes. you can add the pure coconut oil and the baby oil if you like
(they are just optional)
its boiling... and look at the extracted avocado oil surfaced near the bubbles,
cook until it become a bit dried up..you will notice that the mixture expels water due to heat from the fire
cook and keep on stirring until the color become dark as shown above.
see the differencebetween a half cooked avocado (which i want to use as a hair/face mask)
and a well cooked avocado in the red tray

now to strain the mixture to get the oil.....put the cloth on top of the bowl
put the well cooked avocado on it

i love this part, especially when i see the oil drips into the bowl. squeeze hard the get the most out of it
pour the luxurious avocado oil in a clean dry bottle

proud to present, a bottle of homemade avocado oil
the waste. i didnt throw it, and
guess what? it can be used to wash the dishes !

avocado oil is reported to be better than olive oil for its nutrient content. i find that avocado is more than just better.

anyway, for the above home made avocado oil, the content of avocado oil is 85% i can say, and the rest of it is the mixture of the coconut oil and the baby oil. even though mine is only 85%, i believe the avocado dominates the whole oil mixture as the outcome isnt really greasy. maybe the coconut nucliec acid changes with heat or when mixed with the dominant ingredient, they might 'convert and transform' their identity? i dont know, i didnt score chemistry in school haha...

you can omit all except the avocado is you want 100% avocado oil output.

for the baby oil, it helps to give some fragrance to the oil.  it was my daughter's request actually as she wants to use it as well, and she hates bad smelling oil ;p..

i like the original smell, just love the originality and authenticity of avocado oil...

lets be grateful to Allah SWT for this magnificent creation, peace :)


Monday, November 29, 2010

Savannah Cats

Salam & hi to all...

i want Savannah cats, thats in my mind now...look at them, they are gorgeous!

these photo are from the net...i havent checked whether Savannah cats are available in Malaysia, would like to browse and search for more info, but i have to go for a meeting now! *sigh* .....how nice if i can do some social work in the zoo ;)

cutie pie baby kitty

i want them i want them i want them

i want to take him out for a ride ! haha....
 i dont know how my other cats would feel if i add another 'hairy member' in the family....

is it true that jungle cat eats a normal sized cat? oh ooooooo

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Salam & hi to all,

its sunday, and the weather is gloomy. so nice if i can get some nap...i have promised to myself not to sleep so much, but its hard to keep the promise looking at this kind of seductive weather.

made myanmar rice noodles with meat balls. myanmar? this is to celebrate the freedom of Aung San Suu Kyi and hopefully this release is not any political trick/gimmick of junta..anyway, just kidding, i made this myanmar rice noodle because my normal malaysian rice noodle is out of stock. the difference between myanmar rice noodle and malaysian rice noodle is the myanmar rice noodle is triple in size. its thicker and more satisfying.

but before that, let me share with you about how i store my marinated meat. The ingredient is in the previous post but this time, omit the potato. i discovered that mashed potato is the reason why my kebab easily break, it didnt stick well. (pls check the post with title SIMPLE BEEF KEBAB)

mix the minced meat with fried unions, eggs, white pepper powder, salt, diced celery
leave it for half an hour

scoop small amount of the marinated meat into a plastic bag (depending on the plastic size)
press it, to leverage it
this is how it should looked like

you can make any shape using your finger as shown above
one design
or you can make like this
or like kebab style
to save space in the freezer, you can it fold like this, simple!
 so where is the story about my myanmar rice noodle with meat balls? actually, the meat balls were the remainder of the kebab i packed to store. they were so easy to crumble into balls, any size you like, ping pong size or medium sized marbles.
they were juicy and yummy
there you go...look at that myanmar rice noodle, almost looks like the japanese noodle, but not that thick.
you can decorate with any green vegetables or just simply put celery in it.
you can replace the rice noodle with any normal noodle, as you wished. ops, i forgot to write up the recipe for the soup...maybe later, insyaAllah..