Monday, November 8, 2010


Salam & hi to all,

how are you all been doing? i hope everybody is doing great :)

today i would like to share something which i guess might help us to be harmonious with the earth. pls dont throw any of your carton egg tray, news paper, carton boxes can recycle them into cats pee/poop sand :)

so the ITEMS :-

used egg paper tray carton

wood waste/sawdust. i got this a lot from a furniture factory near my house. i am sad that they burn the i wished i can take them all :(


you can use tap water. sometimes i recycle the waste water which i used to mop the floor. hmm..but it is quite messy, so tap water is fine enough.

soak the egg paper tray carton. you can soak and leave it for a while and continue with your other work, like sweeping the floor, prepare breakfast etc...or you can do it before you go to bed and continue the work in the next morning. soak as to soften the paper, no minimum time (but not more than 24 hours or the smell would turn unpleasant)

put in the blender machine, and blend just for 3-4 seconds. (save electricity :)

pour in a tray or any container. i use a tray for demonstration purposes. isnt the tray nice?

squeeze it a bit not too hard. keep the 'moisture' state.

dont throw the excess water. put it back in the bowl to reuse/recycle again.

the sawdust in the tray

the portion by ratio sawdust to blended paper, 2:1, the more the better (i mean the sawdust)

mix them

you can put under the hot sun, until it is fully dried up and crispy dry. in my case i scoop and spread them out on the naturally heated exposed floor (outside the car porch area) to expedite the evaporation of the water. you can even put them in an airconditioned room as it would give the same effect as well (pls dont purposely switch the aircond on for this, save the electricity. use the heat from the sun instead)

i dont have the photo of them peeing or pooing, as you would know, its offensive, haha...anyway, all my cats love using it, and it helps to get rid the smelly odor in and outside my house (when they play outside). cats pee especially for those on processed cats food, is stinky smelly but using this poop sand formula would create a healthier air know, sometimes i feel like i were in the jungle with the smell of wood and other natural fragrance from the plants (poop box in my mini garden)

is this one of the way to show my love towards my cat? yes and not just that, giving them the recycled processed items proves that i love/concern of the earth and its inhabitant.

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