Sunday, November 14, 2010


Salam & hi to all,

its sunday, and the weather is gloomy. so nice if i can get some nap...i have promised to myself not to sleep so much, but its hard to keep the promise looking at this kind of seductive weather.

made myanmar rice noodles with meat balls. myanmar? this is to celebrate the freedom of Aung San Suu Kyi and hopefully this release is not any political trick/gimmick of junta..anyway, just kidding, i made this myanmar rice noodle because my normal malaysian rice noodle is out of stock. the difference between myanmar rice noodle and malaysian rice noodle is the myanmar rice noodle is triple in size. its thicker and more satisfying.

but before that, let me share with you about how i store my marinated meat. The ingredient is in the previous post but this time, omit the potato. i discovered that mashed potato is the reason why my kebab easily break, it didnt stick well. (pls check the post with title SIMPLE BEEF KEBAB)

mix the minced meat with fried unions, eggs, white pepper powder, salt, diced celery
leave it for half an hour

scoop small amount of the marinated meat into a plastic bag (depending on the plastic size)
press it, to leverage it
this is how it should looked like

you can make any shape using your finger as shown above
one design
or you can make like this
or like kebab style
to save space in the freezer, you can it fold like this, simple!
 so where is the story about my myanmar rice noodle with meat balls? actually, the meat balls were the remainder of the kebab i packed to store. they were so easy to crumble into balls, any size you like, ping pong size or medium sized marbles.
they were juicy and yummy
there you go...look at that myanmar rice noodle, almost looks like the japanese noodle, but not that thick.
you can decorate with any green vegetables or just simply put celery in it.
you can replace the rice noodle with any normal noodle, as you wished. ops, i forgot to write up the recipe for the soup...maybe later, insyaAllah..

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