Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How To Make/Extract 100% Avocado Oil (PART 2)

Salam & hi,

to tell you the truth, i was not really satisfied with the first avocado oil i made. its a bit smelly and i didnt really like it.

so, what i did, took another 2kg of bad avocado and made some alteration to the 'recipe'..

you are going to need :-
2kg (approximately ) of bad avocado

clean dry bottle. 
put the whole 2 kg bad avocado into a medium sized frying pan.
Just avocado, no additional coconut oil , water nor baby oil.
Cook the avocado in medium fire. Press the avocado using the bottom part of the bottle.
press and press until it turns a bit dark (about 2 hours)  

Cooked and dry. put in a bowl

put some in a cloth to squeeze the cooked avocado.
Squeeze it into a different bowl (no picture of that )

pour the oil into the same bottle used in the earlier process. (you can use other bottle if you like)
this time, the oil extracted was a bit greenish. i like the color. 

almost 350 ml pure avocado oil. 100% avocado oil.

look at the waste. i have tried to use it as facial scrub, and guess what?
its fantastic!

i thought the smell would turn worse, but i was wrong. its simply avocado smell with avocado aroma.. you can use it as your salad dressing or can apply to moisture your dry skin/hair. 

the time used for the A-Z process was also shortened.....maybe due to no additional water/coconut oil/baby oil. i think i prefer the modified recipe rather than the previous one. nice if i were to have an avocado orchard :)


  1. Thank you, dear Maryam! It's very useful. I try to extract my own Avo oil :))

  2. thanks for comment, and good luck! :)

  3. Al Salam Alikum Wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatuh,

    I have funny question to ask? Can i use fresh Avocado or do i have to use bad Avocado for the best result?

    I love you experiment
    thank you very much

  4. Alaikumussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

    here, malaysia imports avocado from australia and i can say its the best quality so far. i have tried indonesians, but they are very watery, and i get less oil from many kilograms of avo (indonesians). if you want to use the oil for salad dressing or for facial moisturizer, then its better to use the fresh avo. if u want to use the oil for ur hair or body, it doesnt harm ur skin/hair if u use the oil derived from the bad avo. bad in means of dark in color NOT rotten with worms coming in and out from it, haha...anyway, if avo is cheap in ur country and they are less watery type, then fresh avo is a better option. good luck!

  5. Replies
    1. i am not sure whether it has any expiry date, but mine last very very long...(i didnt add any preservative nor putting it in the refrigerator) i think avo oil is just very friendly to all types of weather..

  6. Thank you for sharing, it's fantastic!
    I just make it!

    1. good for u ! glad that u've made ur own avo oil :)

  7. Hello from my Southern California Hass Avocado grove.

    For the first time in nine years I have made 100% pure Avocado oil. Not quite happy with my amount of oil (used +/- 4 pounds of avocados), but I will continue to squeeze after the Avocados have cooled a bit.

    Thank you for the great instructions on how to use my unsaleable fruit.


    1. hi jesse, i am happy for you ! try to produce avo oil using cold pressed method. (pls check my other post) and i am sure you can start you home based business anytime :)

  8. Assalamu'alaikum saudariku ...
    I am from Indonesia, just a simple question, which method the best for make avocado oil ?

    Terimakasih, semoga Allah memberkahi orang yang menyebarkan ilmu yang bermanfaat.


    1. Alaikumussalam Saudara Kembar Tani,

      it depends on d type of avo fruit u use, like in indonesia, medan type is quite different from malang type, and i have tried solo type...but most of indonesian avos are watery, meaning they contain less oil. to share with u, i have tried to extract d oil from 2 kg of avo flesh, and only got less than 100 ml oil compared to australian hass avo, 100 ml of oil is derived from only 4-5 avos only. so, which method is the best? for indonesian type of avos, i guess u need to blend the flesh in a mixer, with some 'starter' which is other kind of oil, such as coconut/olive/soya help expedite the oil extracting process. i have tried using the cold pressed method, but the result is frustrating.

      one thing i realized is, indonesian avo oil is very thick n greasy compared to australian avo oil. i dont have any high tech devices to test the content :( so i rest my findings here haha...

      Sama-sama, semoga ALlah SWT menerima amalan ini, dan saya bersyukur ramai yang memanafaatinya :)

  9. Hi, am so greatful for all your posts but i would like to know of any machine that can make large volumes of oil per day. I have alot of avocados in my home but when its over ripe, I can't consume it. Please advice me technologically.

    1. hi mathew, i think its best if u pay a visit to any avo factory which produces/manufactures avo oil. i am so sorry i have no idea on d high-tech machine to produce this oil.

  10. Thanks for this tutorial. It worked as I made my own avocado oil.