Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Salam & hi to all,

again about leech, but this time, its about their 'castle'...

this is 2 x 1 feet aquarium, i put some small rocks, wood and plants in it

i think they were so happy in their new home

hmm....its normal if they want to escape

some water plants....not just for decoration, leech loves to hide within their roots

i need to cover this aquarium with something

at first i thought to cover it with a plastic net...then i found some left over curtain in my wardrobe :)

one healthy leech

some couldnt stand the chlorine water... :(
working leech are just like us, working people. some are good hard working, some are lazy. some would prick the skin and suck at a point of touch, but some take time to even bite. some are sleepy type, whereby we need to pad their body with wet cotton to wake it up. some are weak or sick, they wont suck at all..dont force them to do the work then. release the sick or weak back to the aquarium or freed them into a river.

my third stock is coming next week insyaAllah, and i cant wait to have them :)


  1. Dr.Maryam,

    Goli ese dibueknyo! ha!ha!ha! Macam manolah anak kampuang goli mo lintah? :)

    Pity me... hu!hu!hu!

  2. Aliff,

    pada awalnya saya pun geli juga ;)