Friday, January 21, 2011

Difference Between Cold & Hot Pressed Avocado Oil

Salam & hi to all,

i read somewhere in the net, claiming that avocado wont secrete its oil below any temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. that was the real reason why  i cooked my avocado (just pressed them in a pan, under slow fire) to get its oil. and, of course, i managed to get it (please refer to my previous posts on avocado oil). 

then, i saw a word 'cold pressed avocado oil' and this has 'distracted' my mind a lot...i wanted to know whats the difference between the hot and cold pressed avocado oil. i need to challenge the previous 90 deg celsius theory, so, i began my research, on how to produce the proclaimed high quality cold pressed avocado oil BELOW 90 DEGREES CELSIUS. my kids whined 'oh no! not avocado experiment again!...haha..

i took approximately 500 gram of avocado and mashed them, till fine and smooth. then i spread the mashed avocado on a tray, spread them as little as to make a very very thin layer, and put them in a room with room temperature of 16 degrees Celsius. Malaysia is having hot climate, so i turned the aircondition on. actually, you can test by letting your wet shirt in an airconditioned room, and you would be surprised to see it would be dry in the next morning, so the theory goes the same to the spreaded mashed avocado on the tray :)

so, coming back to the avocado oil thing, after a day, the greenish avocado turned dark. i can see some oil being excreted there, and then i put the tray under the hot sun, for about few hours. eventually, everything turn out black! but the good thing is, there is no smell of carbon due to burning from cooking, like the previous experiment i did before. put them all in a piece of cloth, and squeeze as hard as you would be delighted to see the almost clear yellowish avocado oil drips in the bowl..(sorry, no photo on the process, as my hp battery was week that time)

the hot pressed and cold pressed avocado oil
look at the picture above. the difference is contrast!

if you ask me, i prefer the 'uncooked' one. no wonder the price of cold pressed avocado oil in the market is incredibly expensive...

now, i just wonder whats the difference between virgin and extra virgin oil...why did they create so many terminology in producing oil?



  1. It was making Avocado oil dat brought me to your blog, but it was d hot pressed method with coconut cream that i first discovered, and i have been thinking about the stress but thank God you have discovered this cold pressed method which seems easier, the only problem am going to have is getting an air conditioned room for a day so as to get 16 degrees Celsius.
    I will like to tell you that you blog is super interesting since i opened it on my browser i have not closed it, i have just been looking at all your older posts, i love your interesting ideas please keep it up.

  2. hi there ms/mr anonymous,
    i am glad that u like my blog and thanks for the encouraging & positive comment :)

  3. Salam alikum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatuh,

    Thank you very much for posting how to make Avocado oil. I was wondering if i can use refrigerator because i don't want my air-conditioned to Explode. Right now, my country is super hot ,around ( 40-50 c) of temperature. Even if i open the air-conditioned the while day (that will never happen because the air-condition will breakdown or explode in just few hours), i can never get 16 c temperature room .
    I really want to try this method .

    kindly regards,

  4. Alaikumussalam Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

    using the refrigerator to dry up the mashed avocado isnt a good idea but u can try to put it under the hot sun for a day or 2. mash the avocados until very smooth, and spread it on a tray (better result the tray is made of steel/aluminium) and let it being 'burned' by the heat of the sun. when it turns really dark try to pinch it, and if u see oil comes from it, then its ready to be squeezed for its oil. u'l get yellowish color of avo oil, not no cooking is involved. its still called cold pressed avo oil or semi cold pressed avo oil haha...its just names...good luck!

  5. Salam alikum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatuh
    Thank you very much for answering my question .