Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Salam & hi to all,

this few days, i am really in the mood for home improvement and D.I.Y thing. just bought myself a new electrical driller that 'rocks' haha (actually having more function than the current driller i am having) and an electrical saw !! i was really excited! but when i was beginning to start my work at my car porch, my electrical extension plug has put me down. its less than 5 meters and couldnt reach the plug inside the house. therefore, i couldnt switch on my electrical saw :(

enthusiastically (actually the right word is impatiently) i went to my favorite hardware shop, bought the things required to do my very own 20 meters electrical extension plug.

so, i want to share with you how i made it.

you are going to need :-
the head

the body

3 cord wire cable (any length measurement is up to you)

electric guide (normally it comes with the 'head' when you purchase it), screw drivers (straight and star shape) and a cable cutter (in case you dont have it in your tool box, you can use a normal pair of scissors)

we do the 'body' first as it is a bit tedious than the 'head'. examine the 'body', check the internal parts.

check the bottom of the box of the 'body'. you will find a circular mark as shown in the photo.

you can poke to make a hole, or using a sharp knife to cut it open. the area of the circle is actually thinner thus its not so difficult to cut it open.

measure the cable to a specified length. cut off the outer layer (grey color) for 2 inches.

you will see there are 3 different colored cord with white cotton tread. separate the tread from the cord, and cut it off.

using the cable cutter, cut off the outer layer of the copper thin wires, about 0.5cm.

take the box with the hole made just now, and put the cable through it as shown in the photo. that is the cover of the lower part of the 'body'.

now, to insert the appropriate cords to the right places. check the black plate on the 'body'. its hard to see in the picture but if you look closer, its written/stamped the alphabet L=live cord that comes in brown/red color. E=earth cord, greenyellow or green color, and N=neutral in blue or black. notice that there is no fuse exposed in this device. maybe there is inside the bulging black component.

after inserting the exposed wires of the cord according to their appropriate places (small holes), then tighten up the screw nail that is placed in a small holes to squeeze in the wires tightly in it.

this is how it looks like, not ready yet.

close the box and tighten the screw nail as shown in the photo.

open the 'head'. its easier. make sure that the fuse is ok. normally it comes together with the 'head'. if the 'head' is not working, dont throw it yet, just change the fuse. fuse receives the electrical current just like our real head, where the fuse=brain receives the knowledge and energize us. anyway, just follow the guidance as shown in the photo.

ok, all cords are nicely inserted and screw nails are tighten.

hmmm...bad cord arrangement, why? because the most important hole is being blocked by one of the cord.

this is the correct way. notice that the hole is exposed and the 2 parts can be closed.

tighten the screw nail.


test it. if you see the light (at the 'body') is on, then the device is working.

i know dealing with electrical devices is not something fun to do. i myself was and still am afraid to handle the cables and wires, especially when switching on the plug. why? because when i was small, i had been once, shocked with some circuit of electric current, please dont ask me what number of voltage/kilowatt haha.. now, i would find any wooden ruler or any plastic stick to press the button to switch the plug on. can you believe that? i know the only way to overcome this phobia is to 'force' myself to 'dirty my hands' into this experience. insyaAllah, for this kind of phobia, i hope i would 'recover' fast haha..

dont try to be a mac gyver yourself, please consult any electrician if you intend to try this at home incase this is your first trial. always remember, safety comes first.

good luck!


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