Thursday, September 23, 2010


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
May peace and blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad, the final messenger

Salam & hi to all,

do you know how Iranians cook their rice? went to my client's restaurant in Kota Damansara, to collect some payment and at the same time, to give him some moral support by ordering some of their food.

having nothing to do, i asked his permission to enter the kitchen to observe and learn how they cook their rice. For iranian food fans out there, here is something to share.

Type of rice
you dont have to buy an imported iranian rice which is terribly expensive (RM 20 per kg). just get any basmathi rice

step 1
soak the 1 kg rice grain for 3-4 hours with 1/3 cup salt

step 2
boil water in a pot, and put the rice grain in it for about 10 minutes. wait until they become semi soft

step 3
pour 1 bottle cap/ 2 tablespoon of lime juice in the boiling pot

step 4
throw the water and all into a strainer, rinse lightly (not thoroughly) with running tap water.

step 5
put the rice in another strainer, and steam it for 20-25 minutes

step 6
to decorate the rice for serving, mix a bowl of rice with zafran/safron (not artificial coloring) you can get zafran in liquid form or powder. you can decorate the way you like.

step 7
some like rice with butter, you can mix it with butter if you wish. oh ya, dont forget, iranian rice is so nice to eat with kebab (chicken/beef/lamb) this is chicken kebab.

i love eating iranian food, especially the authentic gormeh sebszi. good thing about iranian cooks is they dont know how to use monosodium glutamate...but the impractical thing is, they spend time hours and hours in the kitchen !

for me iranian chef are patience cook in preparing their food thus, they deserve a compliment....and therefore i will keep the complaint to myself.

but.....scientifically/medically speaking, plastic when heated releases particles that might cause cancer to our body if being consumed, that is one point i failed not to complaint about.

i intend to get a stainless steel strainer for them as a gift once their cheque is cleared, insyaALlah.


  1. Jaga makan minum ye, takut kena keracunan makanan lagi. Badan tu sensitif :)

  2. Aliff, thats why i must learn how to cook iranian food myself, homemade food is much more safer :)