Thursday, September 2, 2010


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
May peace and blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad, the final messenger

Salam & hi,

I reached home late today, at almost 6pm, therefore i didnt have the chance to go to the supermarket to shop for groceries. slept few times while driving, luckily it was during a long queuing at the traffic light.

I tried to catch a nap, but couldnt. tired and sleepy but couldnt sleep! i need at least 20 minutes nap. then something came across my mind. Food! I was thinking about eating donuts since yesterday, and guess what, it gave me the energy to get up, and drive to Big Apple Donuts to get 'rid of those mind distractions' :p

mouth watering donuts !

so this is my meal for breaking fast today. simple. i was looking for anything that is green in my refrigerator, due to my green vegetables were out of stock. Opened the refrigerator, and saw a medium sized avocado. ok, looking green enough a small portion of white rice, cherry tomato, fried fish in spicy chilly sauce and avocado..hmm..right match?

something wasnt right with the combination, and i mean the taste not the color. just could not take it with the fish and rice. the avocado looked quite inviting still. i must have it, else it would be damaged. got an idea to make it as desert. Luckily i still have some honey, yeay!

look at the shiny creamy avocado slices with honey. the taste? better than ice cream, no kidding! simply delicious!!

then....again 2nd desert, haha...a cup of herbs coffee, 7 figs and 1 donut filled with lemon cream cheese...superb!!

to be honest, i couldnt finish the coffee nor the figs. eaten 5 figs and put back the remainder in the container. brought the coffee and warm water to my room to drink it after Maghrib prayer. after finished conducting the prayer, sitting and leaning to the wall, i played with Torch Light, my kitty and enjoyed drinking slowly my herbs coffee...

and he enjoyed drinking my warm water, haha...cute :)

this is not my normal style of eating, but once in a while, i think its ok to enjoy some fancy meals. I didnt run for many days now, and yet....craved so many sweeties *sigh*..anyway, today, my works were smooth, most of my outstanding jobs had been delegated and completed...i felt blissfully cheerful, what a nice happy day, Alhamdulillah :)

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