Thursday, September 16, 2010


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
May peace and blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad, the final messenger

Salam & hi to all...

Alhamdulillah, i have just recovered from mild food poisoning, was bed ridden for 2 days. My system seemed very weak nowadays, eating something with lots of preservatives or too spicy can cause me to this sometimes. I didnt really enjoy eating during eid, in other word it wasnt a food party for me after all compared to the previous years where i would do 'cookies tasting/testing' to every cookies served on the table haha...i lost some of my eating appetite and i hope it isnt a sign of any internal deseases..

Anyway, our topic today is about cats and its about cats of my own. i was given a big test from Allah SWT and i dont know what to do actually. My cats have gone crazy these few days and the change of their poo and pee pattern really drives me mad! its home soiling and i couldnt sleep in my own room for the stinking urea smell! i have thrown few pillows and today, i am going to get rid of my mattress. *sigh*

i know its about patience and its either i get rid of them all or try to find alternatives solution to this problem. i know they are trying to communicate with me as most cat psychologists tell so in the net on the changes of the poo pee habits. Ok, i am open to any communication, no problem with that, but meanwhile, they have to understand that i couldnt allow them to sleep in my room and make my pillows and mattress as their toilet anymore!

i have browsed some photos over the net and this one really looks nice. My car porch isnt as big as shown in this sample photo, but i think if i were to transform the porch into this, it would be their haven!

looking back at their photos, i think i am going to keep them but this time they are going to be in semi outdoor until they behave and we shall start our 'communication' haha...

disturbing my daughter while performing her solah

2 of them disturbing me at my work station

neighbour's cat, Olen...always a guest

Panda with his normal pose

Canon, who loves running tap water

Kiera, who loves to jump onto anyone's shoulder with her long sharp nails *ouch*

I read in some FB posts that our prophets loved cats and frankly speaking, i love cats too not just for their cuteness, but for their understanding during my hard days..they have their own way of listening, and whenever i talk to them, i know that they sympatize :p

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