Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How To Make Yogurt

Salam & hi to all,

do you know that yogurt is sooooooooo easy to prepare?

here is how i did it :)


2 boxes of full cream milk (each box = 1 liter)
yogurt starter - natural yogurt


pour the 2 boxes of milk and put under slow fire, you can stand
there and stir or just leave it boils for 5-10 minutes
let it boils for 5-10 minutes (slow fire)
turn off the fire. let the milk cool down until about 40-45 deg cel. i dont have any thermometer at home so, i soaked my finger in it to determine the approximate temperature. it cant be too hot, or goes to room temperature. IT MUST BE WARM BUT NOT LUKE WARM. scoop out the cream layer that floats on the surface. you can make it as mask or if you dont like it, just throw it. (in my case, i ate it coz its still protein)
after the milk turns warm (not too hot anymore), pour the milk into another container,
and pour the whole natural yogurt inside
stir well so that the natural yogurt mix well with the warm milk
close the container with its cover
wrap the container with a clean towel (you can use blanket or
normal shower towel as  long as it can wrap it nicely)
like this
get another cloth to make a second wrap, this is not necessary if your blanket/towel is thick.
leave this for 8-12 hours. you can do it at night before sleeping time,
and by the time you wake up, it would be ready. you would be surprised that the container is still warm.
 (actually the slight heat comes from the multiplying activity of the good bacteria)
look! it thickens! then put in the refrigerator for an hour at least for best result
bon appetit! you can eat it with any dry or fresh fruits!

the rational of having the milk warm, not too hot nor at room temperature is because, the yogurt starter is actually an ingredient which has live bacteria in it...and its the good bacteria our stomach can tolerate or even in need of. having the approximately tolerated temperature of milk, the bacteria can multiply and they transform the milk fat into protein. why is it sourish? hmm...i need to do some research on it haha...just eat it lah...

on the nutrition point of view, yogurt is known as immune booster and also good source of protein, in case you intend to slim down.

the conventional iranian's way is they would pour the whole yogurt into a plain while cloth and hang it in order to expel the water from the yogurt, leaving it very thick and creamy. i thought of doing that in the beginning but it seems quite tedious finding a plain cloth, i just sticked to the normal way of preparing yogurt.

so, happy trying and good luck!


  1. He!he!he!

    Habis musim jeruk buah tin, muncul minyak avocado lepas tu baiki - membaiki rumah akhirnya minggu ini buat yogurt pulak.

    Ini memang seorang ibu yang tak reti dok diam. :)ha!ha!ha!

  2. psstt...jangan bagitau sesapa tau hahaha