Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Addiction Towards Supplements

Salam & hi to all,

this afternoon, at the parking lot, i met a long time friend of mine, whom i knew about 20 years ago. at a glimpse, i didnt recognize her, but after she said 'Assalamualaikum' to me, then all the memories bloomed out. the wrinkles around her eyes are quite vivid, but still, having the same old sweet smiles.

i remembered those funny incidents where i tried to avoid her whenever i see her, back in 1993. why? she is a multi level marketing member, who sells supplements, and still she is doing the same thing. one fact i should admit, she is one tough lady, doesnt give up easily. she 'runs after' me like an apache hunts down his prey in the orchard..damn, she was good in her persuasion, has turned my mind 360 deg and end of 1993, i gave up giving excuses, and ended up buying vitamins and prescribed to this taking supplements everyday, and put it as compulsory! there wasnt any day that i live nor skip taking vitamins. you name it, vitamin c, b, e, a, zink, calcium magnesium, instant protein, iron etc etc etc.....and this has become a daily routine for me, without fail. this is sick, i didnt know how to respond to my body reaction, or just because people say, YOU MUST, YOU MUST AND YOU MUST.

with the same way of being sweet and charming as a sales person, she greeted me. although i already opened my car door,  i didnt run away haha.....(my bad) instead,  i took her hands and we kissed cheeks, arab style hehe...and as expected, she gave me list of vitamins, and ALhamdulillah, this time, i managed to control the conversation, compared to my inability to do so back in 1993.

actually, to share with you my valued readers, after reaching maturity in thinking, i stopped being a yes woman. i have made some theory of my own, after making myself as the guinea pig. what i am trying to say is, i have observed myself throughout this 22 years, i can conclude that TAKING DAILY SUPPLEMENTS isnt necessary. although myself still take vitamins, but this time, i prescribe them occasionally.. meaning, i would only consume based on the  food intake condition i had on the that day, if that particular day my food intake isnt healthy (ops) ie less nutritious, then i know how to get the substitute.

for me, like how we educate our mind, that is how we educate our body. we know exactly what our body needs, and sometimes, our body try to 'communicate' with us by showing symptoms of mineral deficiency, for instance. there is no harm in taking supplements daily at the right dose, but ....who wants to deny the beauty of foods variety of tastes and aroma? that is my weaknesses! i love food to much! hahaha...bottom line, i want to enjoy the luxurious of foods kinds like all those cakes, kebabs, bla bla bla...haaahhh! there we go again hehe....

Allah SWT created all for reasons, and what a miss, if i havent tried them all over too cautious or strict unpractical diet plan..

i want to try up anything that is 'halalan wa toyyiban' by the syariat, and the beauty of life to explore shouldnt be missed :)

last word, eat nutritious food must be put a must. it worth trying than ignoring the fact that our body have rights on us. addiction to supplement is just in the mind, so key point- listen to your body..

halalan - allowed, permissible
toyyiban - good, harmless
syariat - law according to Islam

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