Wednesday, February 17, 2010


today, i went to the office with my head carrying some 10kg thoughts of work plans, kids, staff, cats getting naughtier, plants, house chores, no house maid, etc etc..... i noticed that i caught some temperature, ie. i had severe headache and that i was definitely going to catch a fever.

with runny nose and semi opened eyes (feeling that a 500 gram of stone sitting on the eye lid) i walked straight to my room and darkened it, giving the signal to my staff that i dont want to be disturbed.

after performing my zuhr prayers, i was asking to myself, whether to go back home and rest or just pretend that i were ok. i always want to do this simple experiment and today i had the chance to do on myself... its going to be a no cost mental game as i was the guinea pig.

so, for a half an hour, i told myself the jobs we got today, are not so bad in terms of payment amount, and if i can settle it within today and tomorrow, the monthly accumulated income would be handsome. so, the thought gave me some drive, my mind became 'busy' thinking on these tasks. i stopped sneezing and that was a good development.

i told myself that there is no space provision to occupy any part of my brain as far as the unnecessary things are concerned, and this resulted, my mind becoming 'lighter'. actually in other word, i chose not to think about all i mentioned in the earlier paragraph.

i discovered that the ability to deviate ones thinking isnt that difficult. it is just like a mind game, and i imagine all those unnecessary thoughts as 'small kids'. i can see them behind the glass door and i will only call upon them if i feel its necessary to do so. at this current time of moment, i will ask them to stay back quietly until the time comes. its not appropriate to 'meet and discuss' with 'the kids' as i am in the office. i will entertain them and their mischiveous behaviour at home. i will only talk to the 'bigger kids' ie. the important business tasks. prioritizing in thinking is really important when the thing we think involves profit/loss/dollar/cent. business people would understand what and how it means to them.

come back to my experiment. Alhamdulillah! yes it worked! i dont know what this is called, hypnotheraphy or whatever, but it has helped to ease the headache and inconvenient feelings i had from this morning. i can stay focus on my work and no more runny nose and heavy head. this phenomena has also saved the office tissue roll. haha..

'the small kids' are still waiting behind the glass door and i have acknowledged them that they are heard and seen. i will get myself ready for the task when i am at home, standby with a 1.5 litre of reverse osmosis water in my hand, if it happens that still i will catch a fever.

p/s i am not a panadol person.

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