Friday, February 26, 2010


for todays lunch i have had Gormez Sabszi, an iranian authentic dish served with salad shirazi, a mixture of diced tomato and cucumber. iranian food is always tempting and also fattening but still i am 'addicted' to it. on the way out, the owner of the restaurant stopped me for a chat. Mr Ali who is also a friend and a client of mine, looked excited and enthusiastic. must be something blissful he wanted to tell me. yes as guessed. he told me that his sister is getting married.

his sister is marrying a pahang royal guy, whom gratuated from a law school in UK. cool i said. 'cool' as that guy is from the royal family and educated, which is not a norm among the royal spoilt brat generation whom mostly are drop outs (ops..)

when Ali told me that the royal guy proposed to his sister just after 2 months of knowing each other, i showed a 'surprised' face expression with both of my eye brow lifted up. he claimed that this royal guy isnt like the others, he is religious, well cultured and 'doesnt want to hang around with any girl without any purpose of intention to tie a knot'...well, good i said. i think he (that royal guy) means what he said, as the marriage proposal is made hastily but after all, wisely made in the eyes of religion.

Ali said he doesnt feel worried about their relationship, as the ceremony is to be held in august 2010. i said, wow, another 5 months to go and anything could happened, i guess Ali understood what i meant as no one can predict the fate of a ditched partner if happens she is having an affair with a royal casanova lover boy. honestly speaking, i was still sceptical about this proclaimed mr good royal guy.

Ali smiled. i know he is convinient with this royal malay future brother in law of his. what made Ali is confident in giving his consent, is that guy told him that GOD'S CCTV is everywhere. WOW new word to me!! yes, its confirmed that he is God fearing person if really he means what he said, well i never heard this analogy from anyone before and least expecting it came from the mouth of a royal guy! this is more 'cool' for a man who is graduated from law school in UK and having the fear for God (to settle down) in keeping a sacred relationship with an ajnabi. i am proud of him, eventhough i am not in his state of royalty.

i drove home thinking about this GOD'S CCTV and i like the idea. reaching home, i opened my FB page, checking the updates and friends' comment. after about half an hour, i remembered that i havent perform my asar prayers, i stopped what i was doing and headed to the bath room to take abolution. the thought of GOD'S CCTV is everywhere and i dont want my 'wasting time' activity is captured, recorded and counted for the de-merit of my good deeds activities for today.

i know i have to remind myself all the time, as GOD'S CCTV is something intangible but its there. we are always cautious when the warning comes in visible mode, and take for granted for so many unseen treats although they're for our own good. having these thoughts, a new feelings developed...i am being observed by 'SOMEONE' and His 'eyes' is full of love for His 'slaves'. the thing that is one true fact is that, this 'CCTV' monitoring is never been switched off till the day of judgement.

definition :
ajnabi = a person who is allowed/eligible/not among family members/a stranger/not same gender (for marriage)
abolution = The washing of one's body or part of it, as in a religious rite to wash away their sins/ or an activity of washing few parts of body before performing prayers/ wuduk/wudhuk/wudzuk


  1. Salam,


    Catatan ini mengingatkan diri saya kepada sifat Ihsan yang dipelajari di tingkatan 4 dan 5 dahulu.

  2. terima kasih Aliff atas komen. bertuah Aliff kerana seawalnya belasan tahun sudah memahami konsep ihsan...

  3. betul2 menginsafkan.. lepas ni tak boleh lagi lengah2 kan waktu solat.. bila cerita kat few of my frens.. semua trus gi solat hehe.. its a good reminder.. thanks sis

  4. that is what in kitab ihya ulumuddin (Imam Al-Ghazali) said, God's cctv as 'muroqobah' - (ihsan) buat ibadah seolah-olah kita boleh melihat Allah, jika tak, merasakan Allah sentiasa melihat kita