Monday, January 4, 2010


It is still fresh in my memory how Malaysia celebrated the year of 2000 and it was just like yesterday. Here we are, January 2010. Do you feel everything brand new, or thinking of getting new brand of everything?

Flashing back on year 2000, there is nothing much that i can talk about except of my first car, kancil which plate number 434. I bought the car in 1998 and opened my own business around February 2000. My first current account ending number was 4340 and i am still keeping my kancil.

So, coming back to 2010. Some say, its a year they want to declare 'self revolution' and some say, 'we will watch others change, and we will follow' and some might say, 'ah what a heck, life goes on'.....

For me, years are just mathematical, which accumulates automatically until the dooms day. Should we feel worry or should we feel motivated? 2010 wont become 2010 if 2009 hasnt finished its 12 months cycle, and there is nothing we can do to stop the earth from spinning.

I never have had any brand new target whenever 1st of January starts every year. My target is set daily and it goes on and on until mission accomplished, get paid and expand my business. People say visualizing success drives one to work harder, and for me, yes i dont deny it. My style is putting myself over the top, and my way is open throughout the whole process of getting it there. Its like going back to my hometown everytime Raya time, i just put myself there, imagining eating ketupat laksa and all the goodies and guess what? then my driving from KL would be one relaxed and smooth journey.

ah...talking about best occupation. Still i am doing the same old job, some consultancy, some coaching and some trading thing. I cant escape from rat racing, which i have to do since i pay my own bills.

So, what is the best occupation in 2010 for me? and where do i put myself now?
a rich pensioner in Ulu Langat :)))