Monday, August 19, 2013

GMO Potatoes?

Salam & hi to all,

i would avoid corn and soy like a plague! i dare not risk my future health eating those confirmed GMO crops!

i just discovered (from reading) that 'they' now have made/planning to design/modify potatoes as GMO crop, please check this out

thus, i grabbed few of the potatoes bought from my local supermarket, and classified them as 1st class and 2nd class (yellow and brown color respectively) and start my new project, saving the potatoes :D

after 2 weeks, they produced some ' green hair' hehe... some people called it 'eyes'

this is after 3 weeks or so. i became so excited to see the development. i went to a plant nursery shop to buy some poly bags (18 inches x 18 inches size) to plant all these potatoes!

i cut the potatoes like the above picture to get more out of one potatoes (if one potato has 2 eyes, i cut it half to get 2 'seeds'. 1 seed in one poly bag. so i am going to have approximately 35 bags of potatoes which....each bag i might be harvesting at least 5 -7 more potatoes, God willing!

i hope my potatoes are not from the GMO crop. i totally agree with the permaculture experts that we need to save original seeds as many as we could before the Mos**to company modifies and ruins all the genetic component of our plants :(

my potatoes would be harvested another 100 days (from today), i am so thrill to see the result..

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