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I was introduced with EFT tapping technique few months ago, by my friend, who has spent thousands of RM to learn about it through a course conducted by some EFT therapists. She visited me when i was helpless, bed ridden and a visit from a friend really sooth the pain a bit. I was quite sceptical at first, but due to the pain was unbearable (pinched nerve), so i just let her did it on me, tapping few points on my face, fingers and hand. After a while after the tapping process, i was getting sleepy and i didnt feel the pain. I repeatedly did it myself when i started to feel the pain again, and since then, i become a believer. What is EFT then? it is EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE.

Frankly speaking i am more keen to talk about being our own hostage in our own body and mind, waking ourselves up from being kept in captivity behind the bars we built ourselves, trapped in our world of understanding that we need to be secular to understand science....and as far as FREEDOM is concerned, this discussion would be more interesting. To whoever wants to know deeper about sense of relativity of the tapping points or rational of doing it, please refer to the link typed below.

I have asked myself before, what made the inventor of this technique chose those points and what rational of his choice. so i began my research (simple research) by applying those technique on myself on certain occasion during my moody times, or nervous or sad times, feeling it is believing in it, not just seeing it, realizing the result, which was always positive. yes, it worked!. Through my readings, those points are most likely the acupuncture points. I admire those chinese ancient alternative medicine experts for the findings and scientifically, they are proven correct.

But there is a problem here. Every time, i did the basic EFT tapping technique, i always feel something isnt right, still there is something lacking....i felt that my emotion status was better, but my spiritual is still 'caged' and the energy is still stagnant though i got positive result. Something doesnt flow...So, i decided to investigate and look for the answer. Actually, i dont mean to reinvent the will, its just that I have discovered some additional method that make EFT works better for me. After this, it is about my opinion on how to make EFT become more efficient and effective not just to our physical body but to our mind, emotion and spiritual. I dont force your mind to accept it, but please keep them open :)

First and fore most, this opinion only applies to readers who believe in God The Almighty, The One and The Only...why? For me, everything is from God, the past and future of good and bad is from Him. Giving an opinion like an agent to Mr Darwin's product of ideas, would defeat the purpose of my writings, thus i opted to relate my opinion to the fact that we are His creations, and creations need guidelines from their Creator to achieve or obtain something. Ways, methods and techniques can be invented by the brainy but perfection still belongs to the Creator. Anyone can claim he or she has the formula of succes, but is it really a formula or methods to get succes? God created succes and He also created the formula for it. On the other hand, i feel that, applying EFT without relating it to God, is similarly an incomplete rituals. To atheis out there, you are most welcome to read my opinion and i hope that it would be an eye opener if you were doing some 'soul searching'.

Still about why i relate this technique to God. Allow me to give an anology here. If we were to enjoy a conversation, we would surely want a good listener right? and if we ask something and get a prompt answer, that is a credit. Then if we seek advise and the listener gives a good suggestive advice, we would be better than happy. Then, if we ask for something physical, a glass of water for instance, and the listener gives us a glass of refreshing water, our thirst shall go away and that is really a bonus. Hmmm...what has this got to do with EFT? Got confused? stay with me. I am getting into it. Just be patient and continue reading, please.

Tapping and telling ourselves repeatedly is actually affirming and believing in what we are telling ourselves to trust that everything is coming true. Here is my modified methods..When tapping ourselves, tell ourselves that as a human being, no one is perfect and no one can escaped from being tested. Life has its ups and downs. An innocent healthy baby cries and laughs for unknown reason sometimes. Death, poverty etc can strike to anyone, and happiness can be ripped of from any family without any warning...(i dont like to talk about negative things, so i will skip this examples)..

When those things happened to us, relate them to God, let go of everything, release the feelings, admit them, accept them, let go of all the feeling of down, sorrow or sadness, yes, we might be the cause of our own mistakes/failure or whatever that resulted from our wrong doings, but still, confessing and thanking it all to God creates such a big relief. Then, tell God (while tapping, we accept wholeheartedly this mishaps, this misery, this problems...or we hope to get this, to achieve that, we see that money is coming, is waiting, we see that succes is just 'playing hide and seek' with us waiting for the right moment to 'show of' itself , we see that all the misery would change to happiness etc etc...then start to tap all the points..We 'knock' the 'door' of our creator, acknowledging Him that we now understand or at least try to comprehend the situation we are in, then we 'knock' our 'door' informing our sub conscious mind, to prepare our body to step forward, alert and we do accept the current condition and wish everything to be lifted to a better one.

Ok, comparatively, lets say, we put God aside. We never failed in getting what we want or asked for (using EFT) Everything seems smooth and all wishes had come true. Lets check the impact now. Check your heart. Do you see others? Do you need others? No, you dont! all you need is YOU and your fingers to do the tapping. You have the ultimate power to get what you desire for, that the only one you need is you, who can change your lives without placing any effort and everything at your own fingertips..

Tell me now, what is the difference between you and The Pharoah? You would become the arrogant society who boast that you grant your wishes, you give wealth and health, ITS YOU, YOU AND ALL ABOUT dont need the universe to respond then, no need for the positive energy to be derived/extracted from the hope or thoughts, no need to relate whats the function of our pituitory glands, or where the adrenaline pumped to and its the effect to our actions..thus, we can throw the Law of Attraction theory into the drain now.

My valued readers, about getting what we dreamt of, Islam has the solution from thousand years ago, stated in the Quran, telling us that we can work to change our fate, and that, God will prone/follow to our thoughts, if its good, that He will grant it and allow it to happen. Thats the REAL FORMULA. So, whatever technique one can invent, will surely work as long as the formula is right, correct and precise. So, God has formulated the easiest way to get what we want in our lives. Hope, thought, feelings, universe etc etc etc are just tools...and they are created by God. Didnt you notice that God has been the best 'listener' all these while, and prepared 'a glass of water' for us, even we ourselves havent realize that we are thirsty. That is what my anology mentioned above is about. All you need is a good 'conversation' with Him.

Well this is how i understand and accepted EFT. For me, this is an advance way of inner communication within ourselves, and also as one of a way to pray (du'a) and ask from God. I know i did some unauthorised alteration, adding some technique to EFT, but paying some appreciation to God and relate everything to God wont harm anyone nor cripple the basic technique, i suppose. I just talk to The best 'listener', telling Him and seeking His blessings..and ask Him on whatever that i would tell myself, i would be really achieving, so is that a crime?. I feel that my rituals technique is in order and i know i am doing it right in my own version. Well it worked for me, and i thanked the inventor of the technique, but above all, i am so grateful to the Creator of the formula of all this, as i am feeling the FREEDOM now.

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