Friday, December 11, 2009


Appreciate pain? weird aye? well not for me. i would like to share a true story about what had happened to me in October 2009, where i was bed ridden for almost 2 weeks having pinched nerve at my neck and every movement seemed so so so difficult. The pain? it was almost similar to frozen shoulder to whoever have experienced it, they would understand how baaaaaad it was...

My good fren, visited me while i was sick, it was a good relief to get a was good to feel that someone cares. well, she told me how to deal with pain, as she has experienced frozen shoulder before. Here it goes. We must tell ourselves that this pain is a communication from our body to us, telling us that we need to slow down, or take it easy with strenous kinda work, especially in emotional aspect. Once we have been 'awarded' with pain, tell God that we accept it, gladly and we thank Him for it........yes i know, how is thats so? how would we 'like and thankful' for the pain we got? miracle will come, me.

Here is the secret. Take a deep breath. Feel the pain, confess that we were overworked or overstressed. Admit all of them. Tell God (in heart) that we accept the good and bad destined to us and place some hope that if the pain is unbearable, give us more strength to handle with it....sometimes the pain ceases away, or we will fall asleep. In my case, i felt so calm, relax and my gland produced some hormon which made me fell sleepy naturally thus i felt no pain. Alhamdulillah, and again Alhamdulillah i am back to normal :)

Try this, it cost us no penny.


p/s taking sleeping pills to 'forget' pain, is one bad idea

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