Monday, August 18, 2014


Assalamualaikum & hi,

Got to have some therapy for my mind. So i need to 'exercise' my brain by doing some handy work at home.

Found few pieces of glass mirror in my house while clearing some old stuff to either recycle or throw away. i was thinking how to save one piece which was quite damaged. bought myself a pretty looking glass cutter and got some second hand item to go along with it :)

glass cutter
scrap rubber tape (i got it from an old aluminium door frame)
rope (any kind). this is for decoration so its optional
 wipe it clean and draw the line where you want to cut
focus and relax. take a deep breath and press the cutter like drawing a circle. dont hesitate.
(p/s my first trial ever! thanks youtubers for sharing the tips how to cut glass) 
hehe...crooked :p 
cut the rubber tape like above
using a hot glue gun, apply some glue on the rubber tape
stick it at the ugly cut and sharp edge. 
from the back
apply some glue (using the hot glue gun as well) and stick the rope around the edge.
you can make it look thicker by making few rounds of rope and stick them well.
WALLA! an output from an amateur glass cutting work
Although it is not the best round mirror in Malaysia, but i can guarantee the safety of when holding the piece. the sharp edges are all well covered and your kids fingers wont be injured while handling it if they want to put it on their table.

good luck if you want to try it at home. please dont forget to wear rubber gloves (any kind) and safety goggle. 

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