Friday, June 25, 2010


Salam, good evening & hi to all...

it has been almost 2 weeks i have been running on treadmill for at least 2km, 3 times a week, and did some work out to tone my saggy abs in the gym. gained 2 more kilograms, but being told, i looked slimmer, hmmm weird....maybe built some muscles? haha...just maybe..

it has been also almost 2 weeks i have 'suffered' eating raw vegetables and drink green tea to increase my metabolism. if i see people eating pizza, spaghetti or any cheesy with carbo food in a restaurant, i would just turn away my face or simple swallow my saliva :(

all of these 'disciplines' is due to my preparation to participate in the monthly cycling group, covering the route of 2 torturing hills and pressure of riding together with hardcore cyclists who paddle like having iron spring between their knee joint. i know, they have the endurance and that isnt built within days but months/years!. cycling is a mind game, and once our mind is set to upkeep with this sports, we need to get the right stamina and watch what we eat.

went to a bakery shop, saw donut but they were not seductive enough to get my attention. then.....the curse i have been avoiding seeing for months, stand right in front of me. there i was, speechlessly stand with weakening knee, with my eyes were not blink at all, just like being charmed by a magician...

he is calm, sit quietly looking so macho. sorry to say, he indeed looked so sexy and so gorgeous...simple but so so attractive. i know i sound like a desperate lady, but i have to admit this time, that i could not take my eyes off him. i told myself, that i have made many sacrifices and in order to avoid him, i sometimes force myself to sleep! alas, he came to my dream and again, the hell of torment goes on and on again..i have tried to forget him but all efforts were in vain! those memories bleed haunting me killing me softly..and that day, i have resigned to fate that i lost in the emotional battle.

i have to walk pass him, so i walked hesitantly, slowly and facing down looking at nothing on the floor. i tried to walk through, pretending to be serious and neutral, his smell straight away malfunctioned my brain. my legs were so heavy to make any further steps. i was possessed and i couldnt think of anything else, but to have him in my arms. i hate him, but i cant deny that i missed him a lot.

he is just like melodious music to my ear during my boredom days. He is devilish in his own world, that made me feel sinful and full with guilt everytime i think of this handsome dark and unforgettable rascal.. gosh, he is irresistible !

...introducing, Mr Loba-Loba Dark Chocolate Moist cake...just cant help myself anymore.

ok, just this once, i promise i wont go to that bakery shop again...hmmm..lets see..i dont think i can trust myself as far as desert is concern :P


  1. Salam,

    He!he!he Sedapnya dugaaaaan!

  2. Salam ALiff, dugaan..tapi rezeki tak boleh ditolak hehe...