Tuesday, May 11, 2010


last week , i have discovered something which i want to share with all of you, my valued readers. its about my discovery on the alternative way of healing, apart from taking medicines from pharmacy, we have fruits as the substitute to drugs concerning some ailment which i am going to elaborate later.

i didnt remember why i ate hastily, but yes, i hardly remembered even chewing properly, as i was in a hurry for something which i have totally forgotten what !! huh...signs of aging...anyways, i had a piece of bread with cheese, and little brown rice with chicken thigh cooked with red hot chillies paste, coffee with creamer, a bowl of yogurt and a glass of warm water for my dinner menu...all eaten within less than 5 minutes...ops..

after a while, i sensed something wasnt right, there were some 'noisy meeting' held in my stomach, and yes, i had a mild stomachache. thinking of some digestive problem my system might encountered, i made myself a big mug of green tea and after it became warm, i drank it all in no time. my tummy became round as if i was in my first trimester, but yes, i looked pregnant with bubbles of butane gas and whatever related to it, by chemistry haha...

after few hours, the pain was getting severe, and the feeling was almost alike with the labor pain i had before...it was really hard for me to even talk! went to the toilet for hundreds of time, and i dare not to stay far away from my bathroom. my staff came to my house to deliver some document, and after seeing my condition, he bought me some chinese medicine to soothe my stomach, specifically for diarrhoea. tried to sleep early but all efforts seemed were in vain. my kids and cats just watched me for they didnt know what else to do to ease my pain. the pain was unbearable!

then, i remembered a friends suggestion to eat anything dry, such as biscuits, crackers, chips etc...aha! got an idea. went to the refrigerator, saw a plastic of dried figs, a plastic of dried cranberry and dried kiwi. what i did was, eating the figs one by one, and in between of every 2 or 3 figs, i chew few dried cranberry just to add the sourish taste (i like the blend of taste of sweet and sour)...didnt take any breakfast, lunch nor dinner, but those dried fruits. i was thinking of eating dates as well but unfortunately, they were out of stock from my 'food departmental store'..dried kiwi? uhg..too sweet.

i ate almost a kg within 48 hours, 500 grams of dried cranberry and towards the end of the second day of the horrific stomachache episode, i felt more convenient and my stomach was at ease. no more pain, no more lying down near the bathroom door, no more unnecessary gasses, no more bulging tummy, no more roaring, ...everything seemed get back to normal. Alhamdulillah.

this has pulled my interest to study about all fruits mentioned in the holy Quran. Dates, figs, pomegranate, olive and few others. if they were mentioned in the sacred holy book, it means they are special...and after reading the nutrition content of all fruits, the information gathered has inculcated to my 'research' on the fruits mentioned in the Quran.

today, when i sat alone looking at the dried figs in the bottle, i got an idea to try out something just to prove something, to myself. there are no coincident, there must be some good reason, apart from being special, they could have some secret magical reaction if being eaten at a time, example the figs and olive, both chewed together. Allah mentioned in verse At Tin, 'wat tin ni waz zaitun...'. Allah knows best.

could it be any miracle reactions to our body? i dont know, these are my words and my curiosity, so i need to prove the theory, by making myself the guinea pig for this experimental theory that, taking figs and olive at one time might :-

1.boost our health? (minerals and vitamins when joint together might change their identity?)
2.prevent against some diseases? (of course not viral ones, but cancerous, like colon cancer, rectum prolapse or hemorrhage)
3.beautify our skin? (for the fiber is really 'outstanding')

enthusiastically, i was eager to start this experiment and get the findings, but quite frustrated i became to find out that, i dont have any dried olive nor olive preserved in tinned can...but only olive oil. so what i did was to soak some dried figs in a small glass of olive oil, left it for an hour or two, and ate them all. the taste is better, i mean the figs tastes creamier, less sweet and i didnt hear any music yet in my stomach and so far until now, i am still ok. cool :)

meanwhile, i just have to wait, be prepared for the worse case scenario and listen to my body...very carefully..

if this were to be my next good eating habits to replace all those seductive favoured chocolates , i think, my colon would be happier.


  1. fruit yg paling atas sekali warna ijau tu buah pe ya cik yam..

  2. Salam Rajanilam :)

    yang warna hijau tu, namanya buah zaitun segar, yang direndam dalam minyak zaitun,...itu gambar hiasan je.. :)