Saturday, October 15, 2011

How To Grow Avocado From Seed

Assalamualaikum & hi to all,

just finished my arabic homework and i am really in mood to post something about avocado. its about to grow avocado from its seed.

i read many avocado lovers grumbled about which technique is better than which in getting the root to come out from the seed. so, i intend to do the experiment myself. i named them as METHOD A and METHOD B.

so, you are going to need these items...

few avocados from the supermarket. they are Hass type, from South Africa.
 (i  bought this from our local supermarket , i didnt go to S.Africa haha...)

eat 2 avo, and keep their seeds.

a plastic and used news paper

a plastic cup/glass and toothpick

try to differentiate the head and the bottom of the seed. the one that is shown in the pic above is the bottom.
the root will come out from there
poke the 3 toothpick to the position shown above
place nicely so that the bottom of the seed will sip in the water
put near the window where it is exposed to sunlight. leave it there for 2-3 weeks.
  dont forget to change the water if it gets murky.
most importantly make sure there is no mosquitoes egg hatches! haha..


put the seed on the used news paper
wrap / crumble it with the seed inside
put in the plastic bag/container
fill in some water (tap water is fine)
throw the excess water. we just need the paper to be wet
fold loosely and leave it for 2-3 weeks


after 2 weeks plus, notice the crack, but no root
same duration, it cracked and a healthy root jotting out from it


method B is better. you can place the seed on the soil now, placing the root in the soil. dont forget to water it :)

(sorry no pic of planting it the soil as i havent got the suitable pot for it)

good luck!


  1. Hi. I'm curious to know. i bought an avocado tree (small size in plastic bag) from jabatan pertanian serdang last month. i plan to plant it behind of my kitchen as i'm living in semi-D house which have about 20x30 (ft) extra land. until today, i still do not transfer it to the ground as someone told me if the tree grow bigger, the root will damage the house. What do u think? is it true? Thanks in advance

  2. Hi & salam Huda. its hard to distinguish whether d roots would damage ur house, in what sense? If u plant d young avo and cover d area with cement/concrete/tiles, then i can imagine d root might 'rebel'. I have seen a 15 year old avo tree grown on d ground about 10 metres from d hous n d tree n house seemed co_oprated fine,haha. Main point if it gets enough sunlight and water n nutrition, d root would moves towards d gravity n where water lies, not moves against d gravity n wreck ur house base structure. Oh ya, pls Dont expose d young avo tree to direct sunlight especially msia's tipical strong heaty sunlight coz d leaves can easily 'burnt' due to heat from d sunlight. I am not an expert but my opinion is based on my observation on few avo trees in perak n kl. Just my 2 cents but i hope it helps :)