Saturday, August 23, 2014


Assalamualaikum and hi to all,

I made myself an eco refrigerator, an idea originally came from Sudan or India, which motivates hundreds of youtubers to make one.

when i was at a plant nursery which sells rejected pots, the idea came to do exactly what i saw in the youtube on how to make an eco refrigerator.

This is how i did it.

a secondhand big pot (cheap). it has some cracks here and there but the seller has sealed them with God knows what, and covered the holes with cement.
tea table stand (i found it in my store...i remember thinking of throwing it,
but changed my mind to keep it instead...still looking good after 10 years)
2nd pot. make sure this one is smaller than the earlier.
 a non-glazed pot gives better result in my opinion. mine is glazed :(
the size by comparison. the second pot is to be put inside the bigger pot
half a sack of sand weighing approximately 20kg maybe...or maybe less


fill the bottom of the bigger pot with sand, as to level up the second pot when it is inside the bigger pot
put in the smaller pot. 
put in the sand until there is no more space available
i saw in the youtube that pouring water is the last part but in my case,
the opening is quite small so i need some help with a chopstick and water to push all the sand in.
you can use a funnel or like in my case, i used a ketchup plastic bottle, it ease me to squeeze out the water. keep doing it until the sand couldnt absorb any more water
all gap is filled with sand. notice that i didnt cover the 3 holes
just put some river stone or any kind of rock
put some fruits in it :)
you can cover with wet towel but it will look a bit 'less presentable' like that
AHA!!!! remember the last post, 'how to save a glass mirror'?
now it has it's use! put it on top of the wet towel
you can leave it as it is or put a small pot with plants on it
my eyes dont looks marvelous in my guest hall :)

i have used the whole sand and actually, it filled quite substantial space inside. due to the upper shape of both pots, the opening leaves me a tiny small space to insert the sand. nevertheless, as long as the space inside is filled with sand, the eco refrigerator works well. dont forget to water the sand at least twice a day (for tropical climate)
You dont need a 0 degree Celsius of temperature to keep your fruits fresh. it feels quite cool inside the pot but i cant tell you the exact temperature as i dont have any thermometer for this. anyways, i am happy with the result, and gives some enchanted decoration to my living room :)

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