Tuesday, October 22, 2013

100% Free Chemicals

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I  can’t deny feeling envious reading other blogger writings,  whose ambition becomes reality, to live off the grid. Many FB readers clicked the like button over articles that condemn the supermarkets monopoly over the distribution of food for consumers. We choose green perfect leafy vegetables  with pesticides over an overly charged organic ones. 

People talk about having solar panels and rain water harvesting to prove self sufficiency. Tax payers grumble over the monthly bills and other expenses to pay in order to be seen as one of the modern community and sanely society. People in the city are living in the kind of life, which seems normal to the other city’s inhabitant, with the traffic jammed, car honking, lining up to pay at Starbucks or Mc Donalds for lunch, we see this everyday, so who is handicapped here? People do what they suppose to do to make ends meet, so where and what is wrong about having food and waste them once we were full? We work, buy food and throw the left overs, right?

For the country side people or people who live in an organic farm or the off grid community for instance, the opposite scenario would be, how pitiful our lives were seen, and the look they might have towards us, could be a  gestures  of sigh of sympathy. Healthy village rats are looking the city rats doing the race, just to survive. 

I have read many articles about living off grid and the blissful life in the village eating what they grow. I also just read about a man who left his business and handsome pay, to start living without money for already 15 happy months. He says, if he hadn’t watched Gandi’s movie, he would still be as normal man who lives depending on what he can buy from the stores and worrying about the money he couldn’t save to buy tomorrow’s food. He wants to experiment the life he hope everybody would turn to so he opted to start with himself. He believes that eventually the world would waste nothing but use all source for and to the mankind. 
I look around me and sigh. Where do I start? How to do this? Am I capable enough? Can I recycle my own urine and compost it? Would I poison my plants with my ‘unorganic’ pee? I must start with something to prove to myself that I am a responsible human being towards the earth. I need to take care of it, this is the only place I have, everybody owns no other place but this only one planet.  My brain started to spin and spin until I decided to do something unusual and crazy (according to my friends)

I went to the garbage area behind a supermarket near my house, and after seeking permission from the supervisor there to collect some fruit waste, I started ‘digging’. Luckily I got one big plastic containing a mixture of rotten fruits disposed by the supermarket. People who passed by look at me like I was a semi mental-disturbed lady scratching for food haha….i just didn’t care of anybody’s perception but thinking how can I start my project after reading the latest article I read, ‘Fruit Garbage Enzyme’.
I managed to make 2 big containers on the first week of my adventure and got to wait for another 3 months for the enzyme to be ready to use. Then this excitement came to me, where after a week or so, I went again to collect another big plastic with another kind of fruits from the garbage big bin. I was so happy that this time, I managed to get more than 2 big containers of them (garbage enzyme). 

I can’t picture in words how impatient I was, with the result of my homemade fruit garbage enzyme.  Driven by a huge curiousity, I went to Justlife shop in Ikano, Damansara in Kuala Lumpur, to get a fruit garbage enzyme sold for MYR6.00 for 500 ml. I couldn’t wait to see how miraculously it works and start to mix 1 bottle cap with a teaspoon of dish detergent to wash my dirty dishes. Hulala! The plates were all squeaky clean and believe me, that 1 bottle cap plus 1 teaspoon detergent was ample to wash all my dirty stuff that normally requires 3-5 table spoon of detergent! 

Since I use lemon to replace bathing shampoo for few months back, I think using 200 ml + 1 bottle cap of enzyme + unclorinated water in a 1000 ml bottle as my bathing shampoo, wouldn’t  be that ‘sinful’. It will definitely save me ‘huge’ money. My normal consumption is  1000ml bathing shampoo in a month and now with the new recipe, I hope a bottle of 1000ml of bathing shampoo can last for 5 months.  It is written in an article that the enzyme would neutralize the chemical in the bathing shampoo therefore it would be safe enough to use. I am sure by diluting it with water and same amount of 1 bottle cap measurement of enzyme, I am far too comfortable with the treats of toxicity. 

I hope in a year time, I would be living 100% chemical free in my fully organic fruit orchard and farm!

i should cut the fruit into small pieces for better result :p
i love the colors!

'saving the earth starts from you!' says the manufacturer

i dont really follow the ratio...it has no negative side effect :)
note : the mixture ratio is brown sugar, fruit waste (from rotten fruits, fruit skin peel etc) and water (1:3:10) .....i dont really follow the ratio, depends on the waste, if the waste is sweet, you can reduce the sugar, or add more sugar, if you start to see fruit worms. There is no right or wrong in here ;)
So guys, please don't throw your edible waste start from now on. Make your own fruit garbage enzyme and start to save the our 'tired' earth!

You can save money too :)


  1. What a thoughtful and lovely post... even though it's about garbage :) I never heard of the garbage fruit enzyme before I read this; I think I'll try to make my own, too. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for dropping by, cheers!