Friday, August 9, 2013

Who Is Responsible For Our Happiness?

Salam & hi to all,

I hope its still not too late for me to wish everyone Eid Mubarak, may all our good deeds and efforts in our ibadah (night prayers, terawih prayers, duas etc) during last blessed Ramadan, be accepted by Allah SWT, insyaALlah.

during the first day of Eid, that was on the 8th August, 2013 i have told myself to STOP relying on anyone else for my happiness or to achieve it. this is an affair between myself and my Creator. period.

i totally agree with the speaker of above video clip that now, i need to help others who are still, gasping for happiness, without realizing that the hunted happiness stand before their eyes, some maybe so near within themselves.

i looked at my business coaching certs, other certs and all of my tangible and intangible resources which are in my possession (lent by Allah SWT in this world), i think its time to seriously fully utilize them to facilitate who ever in need of coaching, in order to help others how to dig the hidden pearl in their 'possession', insyaALlah :)

i feel alive, and i thank my Creator for this awakening.


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