Sunday, October 30, 2011

The One Eye Theory

Assalamualaikum & hi to all,

my sunday arabic class today was great, i always felt enlighted every and each time i stepped in and out from the class. my teacher has indeed 'poured' water in to my dried brain, and masyaAllah, this kind of thirst relief of spiritual knowledge really made my day, barakallahifihu (may ALlah's blessings be upon him)

he explained in detail after one student posed a question about the dajjal, the mysteriously one eyed person/thing. my teacher says that the dajjal will only 'surfaces' once the environment is perfectly conducive for him to claim his 'throne'. he, the one eyed curly haired man, would ensure that no one is having a pair of eyes unlikely the kind of handicapped he is having. does he want us to be a one eyed person as well? do we have to poke our eye then? read through please :)

i love the symbolism highlighted by my teacher on the function of the pair of eyes. ALlah SWT has created us with perfectly beautiful eyes that see all the beauties and the ugliness, the good and bad, consciously and unconsciously at every second in our daily lives. there is always pairs in everything, whether you like it or not, that is the original function of our eyes, to distinguish what is right and what is wrong in the 'eyes' of the Creator of mankind.

my teacher stressed deeper that, this whole scenario actually brings us to the realization that, we live for the 'dunya' (now) and for hereafter (akhirah). being one eye blind is the best analogy of the perception that there wont be any other lives after death. not just that, the one eye man doesnt recognized the call to return to Allah SWT and being an arrogant ignorant, he (the dajjal) promises the worlds in exchange of everyone following his footsteps.

my teacher advises us to read the first 10 verses in Al Kahfi verse in order to be protected by Allah SWT from the dajjal sparks of evil deeds. he says that confronting dajjal is less challenging than living in his (dajjal) reign. we wouldnt know what we would become during that time. nobody can assures of anything. we might go against our prior islamic principals and being antagonistic by siding the dajjal worshipers. na'uzubillah (may Allah protect us all)

we are not the first aimed/targeted candidates, as the syaitan soldiers has recruited many before us, since Adam & Eve (Hawa) were tricked to disobey ALlah SWT first command of restriction. do you think those syaitan soldiers would stop whispering to our ears and hearts? Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT taught our forefather how to repent, and without His blessings and forgiveness, where would we be now?

i look around me, the mass media, the food, the clothing line, arrggghhhh!!!! arent we trapped in this kind of lives? i dont know about others but at times i felt like 'drowning' in this system. for me, living in a comfort zone without noticing being trapped in this dajjal way of life is really terrifying. its hard to ignore the seduction but its not impossible either, we fight to strive on the right path and we shall be safe, insyaAllah.

i asked my self, is there any R&R along the highway to the heaven/hellfire?
NOPE. its a straight way destination and i pray for the muslims to be firm and steadfast in holding what 'both eyes' is regimented to do.

i am reminding myself, most.

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