Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Assalamualaikum & hi to all,

i watched 'limitless' movie and i give 5 star for it. its about a man who depends on a pill to sustain his successes achieved throughout a very short period. nice movie, but as a muslim, there is some aspect which i disagree..not to make any critic as it gives no benefit to me raising any.

my point is, everything has a limit and its measurement. i forgot which verse in the Quran that touches this matter, but i dont believe depending on anything beside the Creator, would last long.

Why am i saying this?

just look around you. look at hosni mubarak, nobody would ever thought that he would stepdown in humiliation after all the limitless amount of money 'gained'.

look what happened to ariel sharon, after the thought of the limitless number of killings, he 'rest' in coma condition and God knows what kind of tortures he is experiencing at the moment in his sleeps... he might be screaming of the silent/invisible torment but alas, who would notice? Only the great Punisher Himself can arise him from his vegetable state. do you think he is even having a peaceful rest?

look at the hardcore gays, who think the world has no limit of enjoyment and sexual the end, the cancer cells have been 'instructed' to be self-activated by the Creator, and there they come, AIDS with no mercy. its just a matter of time.

that is some of the real story proofs. we forgot that everything is lent by Allah SWT, thus who do we think we are to even determine the limit of anything?

the only thing that is promised by Allah is when we live to please Allah SWT and die for Him in so many various of ways, then (with His Rahmah-sympathy) the rewards would be Jannah (heaven) which has no limit of what so ever. pls correct me if i am wrong but that is what i heard by some religious speakers.

anyways, i like the ending of the movie where eventually, Eddie Morra stopped taking those pills and became himself, a hardworking politician who sees and knows what is best for him.

a good muslim doesnt need any pill. Allah has planted an extraordinary pill in every lives since the beginning of our creation. You want to know what is it?

the formula is in the Quran. Dig it.

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