Thursday, September 15, 2011

How To Marcot An Avocado Tree

Assalamualaikum & hi to all,

i couldnt believe that at this age, i actually climbed a tree, and its avocado tree! i really want avo trees!

i was so happy to know that my friend is having an avo tree and after seeking his permission, he allowed me to marcot the tree. in no time i climbed the tree, after 30 years not climbing any tree.  

i stopped climbing trees at the age of 12. i was really a monkey who loved to sleep on the tree after school. how i missed climbing trees ;p

lets skip that. so, marcotting. how i did it? first, you are going to need :-

an avocado tree (this is my friend's avo tree. Type : Reed Avocado)
pls ignore the gals hehe..
small plastic bag
ready mixed soil (fertilizer+ash+black soil+normal soil)
rubber band (combine them)

measure about an inch or two and mark it
cut around the stem. not too deep, you can sense the soft skin.
peel it out
like this
put in the plastic bag. if there were small branches on top of this small branch,
you can just wrap using any plastic wrapper
tie tightly at the bottom as shown above.
take some of the mixed soil and put inside the plastic bag
tie on top of it, sealing/closing the bud
leave them for 2-3 months. you will notice some roots come from the stem
seems that i need to pay my friend a visit for the next 2-3 months haha...
i was about 16 feet from the ground. i didnt mean to be a hardcore climber here, it was just, there was no young stem near the lower part of the tree. 

i cant wait to see the roots coming out :)

dont try this if you are not used to climbing. safety first, find a ladder :)

(this writing is to be continued - after 3 months)


  1. Did you do a follow up on this piece...? I cannot find it... how did the air layers turn out...?

  2. Salam, Mariam. I am new here (Hamid - Abdul Hamid Ahmad @facebook). I do quite a bit of air-layering, too.

    My question: Since I never did an avocado before - I notice that you did not scratch the cambium layer on the peeled bark. I did not scratch my kedondong, but it grew roots anyway, but my longan regrew another layer of bark, no roots. So, I scratch in all of my marcotting. Did your avocado grow roots?