Thursday, July 28, 2011

Accidents In The House

Salam & hi to all,

last month (24th or 26th June), i slipped in my bathroom at 3am. i remembered my whole body was in the air, and in split seconds, there i was, lying on the right side of my body. somebody spilled or played with shampoo in my bathroom! hmmm...its not hard to guess, i know who loves playing with the bubbles in the house haha... the bathroom was very very slippery. when i was on the floor, all i could think of was, did i sleep walking or was that a dream haha...

if i were to fall straight on my back, my lumbar spines could hit the floor hardly and could cause slipped disk! not just that, the back of my head might bang the floor hardly and i never wished to lose my memory due to that. Praise be to the Almighty, i was uninjured... it was a bit painful though..

and guess what? today, one of my daughter spilled water on the stairs, at 10.30pm, i slipped again! man! it was even more hurtful! my ankle and elbow were swollen! it happened so fast that all i can recall was, my body was in the position of lying on my right side, the same position when i slipped in the bathroom. this time, due to the steps of the stairs, my right elbow hit one of the steps. that was not fun at all :(

why am i telling you this unpleasant story about me slipping in the bathroom and at the stairs?

accidents do happen in the house, and the effect could be fatal. i thank Allah SWT for saving me, by giving my body the ability to do a fast reflex in adjusting my body during those falls. the continuous practice in aikido class especially doing the ukemi, really helps i guess . it has contributed to my 'no mind' body turning during those accidents.

it still hurts but the main point, i wasnt injured Alhamdulillah.

i just hate to be hospitalized.


  1. Semoga segera sembuh. Sapa tumpahkan air tu? Husna?

  2. Thanks Aliff. Nabilah yg tertumpah, she claimed that Ammar pushed her at the stairs...oh kids!