Wednesday, January 26, 2011

D.I.Y - How To Make STOPCOCK For Toilet Reservoir Bowl

Salam & hi,

its not the first time i fixed my son's bath room. anyway, i am in the mood to share the knowledge on how to make a stopcock for your toilet reservoir.

stopcock is very very important, especially if your house is having a very strong water pressure. in my case, yes, we are having high water pressure, and i need to be handy, as the re-occurrence is quite rapid.

look at the leak, there was not any single stopcock to stop the flow
look at the bulging area, due to the high water pressure, or simply just a low quality hose

(removing the old hose)
first of all, turn off the main water source.
then to remove the old hose from the source of water inlet point
and from the water output point - the reservoir bowl
remove the old 'connector'
why i said 'connector', its becoz it connects the pipe of water source inlet  and the hose,
anyway, we dont need it now. (i kept it, for recycling purposes)
this is how it looked. now,  is to prepare the stopcock
(items in Process B)
in process B, you are going to need 1 feet PVC pipe, size half an inches (diameter)
new flexible hose..the size is standard but the length varies....
depending on the distance between the bowl and the inlet source
PVC glue
saw blade
stopcock head
i dont know the exact name, but i call it the connector. we need 2 of them
white tape
Steps in Process B
wrapped the ring area with the white tape, not so thick. 
this is how it looked like. we are going to need 2 of them
measure approx 2 inches of pvc pipe.
this is to bridge the connector and the stopcock head
using the saw blade, cut approx 2 inches. 
this is how it looked like. we need 2 like this. put aside
PVC glue, its can melt the pvc pipe...its chemically strong for its function

apply the PVC glue.
yesss, this is the right way. 
let it dry up for 1-2 minutes
you can see that the 2 inches of pvc pipes are to be used as the bridge
see what i mean?
insert them and press to tighten them up. they really stick very well

fix it into the wall. there is a steel pipe in the wall
test whether the stopcock head is working or not
wrap the white tape, after removing the old white tape
fix in the new hose to the other point of the connector
the other is to be fixed into the reservoir bowl
tighten them well

open the reservoir cover and test it. WALLA! it worked :)
just about RM 19 (about 6 USD)

i know how 'rusty' my boys' bathroom is.... i'll force them to scrub it one day....

time used : approximately less than an hour

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