Monday, October 18, 2010


Salam & hi,

my kosadori nikyo technique during today's aikido class seemed so poorly done. after Shihan left, and after posted my 'grumble' about the technique in my FB page, i searched in YOUTUBE to see where and why my execution went wrong. Shihan had shown many times, but still, i couldnt do it correctly :(

found this one in YOUTUBE (edited, so that i can see the steps clearly)

now i know, it would be much easier, if i were to move along with the movement of the uke (attacker) or do half tenkan, prior to catch his hand, then semi-twist the wrist and hold it (to bring for ura) and with the position of facing the uke, press his 'locked' hand downwards. during class today, all i did was swinging the uke's hand and my feet were stagnant. so, this is where my confusion between ura and omote comes from.

anyway, another video from YOUTUBE, beautifully executed by another expert from expertvillage. this technique has the same locking technique but the strike is ueshiro ryotodori (he made a simple locking style, normally we do this during jiwaza (random attack). the complete nikyo locking is as how shown in the above video clip)

it is not as simple as it looks. practise make perfect. yes, i know its true *sigh*

(this writing today is dedicated to those who practise aikido, but if you are interested to know what i wrote, please find the japanese words translation in

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