Tuesday, August 24, 2010


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
May peace and blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad, the final messenger

To share with you, one of my other 'personal projects' is to do some study on myself pertaining to my running activity. did some experiment towards myself, on how to increase my stamina thus enhance my performance in running.

Sample experiment 1
Last week
I was so intensively focusing on getting the target of running 5km in 30 minutes, and kept on looking at the meter reading. Listened to running podcast (songs with high beats). Running pace, medium speed during the first 2 km and increase the speed after another 1km (3 km) and slowed down for another 500 meter and speed up again to complete the 4km (the most haha). Kept on looking at the meter reading and at times tried to sing along with the MP3 'singers'.

Sample experiment 2
I didnt strictly set any target, i told myself that i want to see how long would i take to get 4.5km at least. switch on the MP3, listened to Dr Imad's talk on Sabr and paid full concentration on the talk, as if i were in the lecture hall. did a 'stomach style' of breathing where i inhaled deeply imagining the air goes to my stomach instead of the chest. The first 2km achieved within less than 15 mins WOW to myself hehe...I ran steadily without shortness of breath. when i reached 4km i can feel the surplus of lactic acid all over my joints haha...and ran another 3 or so minutes just to get additional 500 meter. In total, i ran 4.5km in 33.o3 minutes. again wow! Alhamdulillah :)

findings 1: When there is a thinking constraint on achieving a goal i.e 5km in 30 mins, our mind would solely and comprehensively concentrating to reach the 5km with the existing muscle capability. this would result our gland secrets more endorphins and adrenaline would be rushed out to integrate with this short period of physical attempts. Due to the factor of worrying not being able to achieve the goal, the emotional repercussion to be encountered - frustration. This cause unnecessary anxiety and anxiousness. at that state of mind, we tend to perspire more perhaps, but trust me, it would be devastating tiring. This phenomena leads to a drop of running performance.

findings 2: When our mind is put elsewhere, what i mean thinking and processing others but running or getting to the target, we would running conveniently and i can say in comfort. we know that our muscles is to be used to run, but the energy consumption is enough to supply the force to get on moving (continuously running). the inadequacy of energy could be due to the lack of oxygen transported to our muscles or simply due to the inefficiency of lactic acid to supply the fuel for the muscles needs. Being relax in the mind really helps with the pace of running and inculcates to a better breathing pattern. The flow of oxygen to our muscles can be felt, as for my case, it did to me. Keyword - relax but active mind

running performance is related to the brain technology
(this conclusion is based on short marathon on treadmill(not for 100 meters)and using only 1 sample collection (that is me), therefore it cant be drawn as any statistic haha)
my free advice : pls get an appropriate consultancy from any recognized sport coach.

I am not a medical doctor but this is what i like to do, making experiment onto myself. i remembered last 2 years where i tried to take up an aqua life saving training class. it was funny when the trainer asked me about my swimming performance. i must be able to swim 6 laps (50 meter per lap) within 9 mins 15 seconds. i have practiced and trained hard but the most i could achieved was 9 mins 30 seconds. maybe due to the extra fat i had that time haha...thinking to pursue the training next year insyaAllah.

coming back to running, could it be a mind game as well as how it been related to cycling? i have been observing my performance all these while and i think it is. i recall an incident where i had a 'business argument' with a bad paymaster client, and after that, i became a bit stressful and after the office hour, i went to the gym with grudge (a bit haha). running in the evening carrying with me my moody state of condition, made me feel heavy. it was soooo hard to hit 4km. Its the mind game alright, but its not tricky after all. all we need be is to become a good 'game' player.

we seldom use our brain during our physical activities and seldom use our physical while thinking. just imagine if we combine the 4 elements of physical, mind, emotional and spiritual, what would happened to us that time? maybe this is what the super duper extraordinary people been hiding from us all these while, showing off their 'jaw dropping and big wow' special performances in the name of MAGIC.

In my personal opinion, still talking about the 4 elements, above all, the mind rules as everything must starts with the understanding on any idea prior to applying it to the other elements. just look at all the craziness around us now, people arrogantly declared that their ideology saves the world. This sick minded leaders would then put force on the people to emphasize their thinking and many were caged behind bars of the real locked rooms with bar steel (physical) and also bars built in their mind (mental). The problem is, we sometimes dont even realized that we are a 'prisoner'.

have you ever read over the net (also he wrote a book about this) that a man can bend a steel spoon using his mind? We dont know what else our brain can do and it is mentioned by many brainy researchers that, we are currently using just 10% of our brain. I remembered in the Quran, during the reign of Prophet Solomon (Sulaiman) (peace be upon him), there was a wise man, with the will of ALlah SWT, had miraculously moved the princess's castle by only using his mind! and it was done faster than a blink of the eyes! Subhanallah.

I think that is why Allah SWT gives the first verse IQRA' (READ) to our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) for us, to explore on the real wisdom in life, starting with the earliest process, that is through reading. This will eventually lead to the mind to process and brings curiosity to know Him more, and gradually would open the gate to the garden that serves drinks of sweetness that is called iman :)


  1. Salam,

    Nampaknya Dr.Maryam kita ini tidak habis-habis dengan eksperimen :)Namun bagus sekali penemuannya. Dulu masa dalam kadet, Aliff disuruh sambil berlari 5km sepasukan itu bernyanyi lagu patriotik dan menepuk tangan, hasilnya minda tidak berfikir akan jauh dan lelah. Senang-senang aja dalam masa sejam satu platun berlari tanpa lelah yang amat.

  2. Salam Aliff,

    Lepas ni nak cuba lari dlm masa 1 jam tanpa henti guna teknik yang sama :)