Tuesday, March 2, 2010


i got my first copy of AVATAR dvd last 2 weeks, and didnt have the chance to watch it, until few days ago. i have to admit, i was 'nailed' to my chair till the end of the story. i give 2 thumbs up to the master mind of the movie, james cameron and of course to all the crew in the making of this super duper extraordinary film. to tell you the truth, this is another second love story that has made me frustrated for not being selected as the heroin, or shall i say, james cameron is an expert in making women hearts melt with the script and story line on love, sacrifices and responsibility of a man. actually that isnt the real case and i am not serious about it, although deep down in my heart, i wished i were neytiri :p

most movies have a happy endings. most of movies directors also know the expectation of the market that the bad will always lose. amongst us there are 'greedy savages' who are tycoons employing scientists for their researches and 'armed two legged dogs' lurking making damages as ordered, without realizing that everybody is making holes to the only big boat that floats in the sea i.e. our earth within the galaxy. we as human being, created by God, have been programmed with limitations, from the aspect of capability of imagination,emotion and physical strength. this is where the cream of AVATAR surfaces...communication and the bond with the other creations within the pandora system, tsahelu.

james cameron has highlighted sarcastically that in the name of science and exploration, invading others is politically important. taking advantage of an unarmed and non developed nations is permissible. 'clensing' through whatever means is legal. taking other lives is ok for expansion purposes and other problematic 'misbehaviroul' consequences. how the Na'vi community taught them? cant express my feelings during the co operation among the clans took place. it was awesome to see how those hightech flying machines were defeated by big flying creatures (looked like dragons-ikran) and Na'vi warriors with their native weapons. i am sure mr cameron loves his works and i think he deserves more oscars and deserves more and more oscars if this movie can convey the message and educate those greedy explorer that our enviroment is at stake...the problem : they never learned any lesson and if they do, they fail to understand.

sorry for the stereotype synopsis for a stereotype story line. so, lets cut the crap. we know that in reality, the damage is done. according to the University of Melbourne, a new study reveals that shrinking glaciers, plants blooming earlier across Europe and lakes declining in productivity in Africa can all be linked to human-caused climate change since 1970....and an article from national geographic says that the digging of millions of tonnes of coal underneath the ground, is the main contributory factor for earth quake. just look at chile. my blood boiled up and i was really pissed off reading the article...but after looking at the surrounding of my house, with wooden doors, airconditions, electrical households appliances and many others..*sigh, feeling guilty*. these are the evidence of me supporting the motion of damaging my only 'boat that floats'..i know i will sink with the others :(

i watched AVATAR more than 5 times up to now, and today, i kept on thinking, why this hero, jake sully chosed to depart from the real world he was having and let his avatar body take control of everything, joining the life of Na'vi community who cant produce their own electrical power plants using water falls as the electric inducer, people who hardly appreciate proper clothings, detached themselves from comfortable style of living and etc . why must he rejoined the non developed community and live like natives who stray away from all the modernity and sophisticated way of life?

the answer could be this. as i said earlier God created us with limitations. what we are having now, is beyond our heart capability of acceptance and consent. we are against all of these 'unfriendly to nature' activities and having money and power as the religion. we know that the world is deteriorating. where are our voice, do we have any say? those puppets who attend the meeting which held in geneva every year couldnt do anything but nodding.

jake sully has made the right decision. he couldnt fight the rebellious unhappy heart he was suffering. the bond and heart connection with other lives is the pulling factor and that is also being programmed in our hearts. we need this. this eventually leads us to the recognition of God as the Almighty. his heart couldnt lie what he really seek to get a real life. a life which full of respect and trust of/from every lives in the pandora system, which he has given up hope he could ever get on earth.

he knew what he is getting is peace and happines, he couldnt wait this to happen, who wouldnt want this?. before terminating his normal system to his whole new avatar life, he bade goodbye to us in his video log saying..'i dont want to be late for my own party, and its my birthday afterall'...that was one a happy farewell after seeing his destiny. he was even more ready of this final transformation, being reborn and a beginning of a whole new meaningful life.

seriously, looking at the current condition of our rotting earth now and the rat racing to make ends meet....i think i want my own avatar.


  1. Salam,
    Dr. Maryam,

    Peminat tegar Avatar rupanya! Dalam Al-Quran telah dinyatakan bumi dirosakkan oleh tangan-tangan manusia.

  2. Salam Aliff....sungguh seronok menonton avatar ini sampai terbawa2 dlm mimpi :p...tapi realitinya, kehidupan mesti diteruskan, apa yg tidak disukai perlu dihadapi dan apa yg baik perlu dinikmati sebaiknya :)

  3. i impress with ur comment doc....anyway boleh pinjam dvd tu ke he he he..nak tengoklah

  4. its the best movie after titanic...boleh pinjam :)