Thursday, February 4, 2010


i remembered a friend of mine who claimed that God doesnt see how one looks like, how rich one is..whether the person covers or not...cause the heart that all matters. Allah sees only the heart, if one is sincere, honest, applies all the 5 pillars of Islam, that is sufficient enough.

well, i dont deny that but i dont agree 100% either. i am not a religious preacher nor i dont claim that i am any islamic scholar. one thing i can confess here, i am a practical muslim. as far as the topic is concerned, i like to give an opinion on being modest in the eyes of Islam.

for me a person who covers is better than a person who doesnt cover. a person who applies all the 5 pillars might have been rewarded better if she covers. i never said that a person who doesnt cover will get a resentment from Allah for any good deed she does, and who on earth am i, to have such entitlement to give the verdict? my point is, a person who does good deeds, applies 5 pillars and covers has the credit. Imagine if she is a 'walking Al Quran'?

now, how about a person who covers but committed sinful acts, such as involving in illegal sexual activities in the park or 'behind a closed wall' ? how about a person who covers but doesnt practice Islam at all ie the 5 pillars? for me these type of muslim ladies, are 'CONFUSED' typed of people. they cover, taking up one aspect of religion, and disregard so many other aspects of syariah demands in Islam. she could be a rebellious one or simply a confused person. why did i say that? why does she needs to cover in the first place if she rejects the other obligatory doings in Islam. So 'confused' is the right term for them. some men think that they are simply bold, no offense please...but for me the term stands. i dont mean to criticize nor belittling anyone here, as i believe with proper understanding and explanation by the muslim brainy, this 'desease' of confusion can be cured, insyaALlah.

i read about a lady who covers but drink alcohol in public. for me it could be an appeal for attention or she is unconciously making fun of herself. if i were to see her that time, i might ask her 'why in the world that cause you to cover?'

covering your hair, needs a deep understanding on why one needs to do so. it is an obedience driven action, based on the realization of the need to cover. why? because it is mentioned in the Quran that by covering our hair, we ladies shall earn respect. This latest testament is from God, and anything from God is perfect, so no question asked.

so, for those who cover, differ yourselves from the 'confused' people, and you shall be categorized as respectful ones. you know you deserve it.

no hard feeling please, Malaysia is a free country, so we are free to voice out our opinion in this lawless medium.


  1. Full agree will all of the above....except the last one bit that says "..this lawless medium", which is not the case. Rightly or wrongly many have been sued for what they wrote in this medium. Cheers!

  2. its hard nowadays to speak our mind, though its true. no wonder more and more writers write articles full with sarcasm and creatively made them look general..