Thursday, February 25, 2010


this isnt going to be a business discussion. this is about cycling, on how we bench mark ourselves on our performance. actually it is not about we or us, its about myself.

i know i am not Lance Amstrong, but i have my own theory. people always asked me, if i know that cycling hurts, why do i carry on doing it, what do i gain and what do i have to prove?

simple answer. i always challenge myself. if others can do, why cant i. Lance says in his book, its not about the bike....well i would like to put some addition to it, ....its not about the bike and neither about the gender. its about determination.

i remembered the first time when Dr Hamdan teased me saying that i wasnt fit enough to cope up with their group, for him it was a joke, but even though i laughed with the others, i actually took it seriously. the moment i said i took it seriously, i was determined to prove that i am fit. prove to whom? who else? to me and to myself.

for me, cycling is one of the best way to bench mark own performance. i dont measure my time, i dont measure my speed, my way of measuring my performance is simple, that is to be able to ride uphill more comfortably compared to the previous climb. if the riding up hill is more difficult compared to the previous ones, i would rate my performance as 'declining'. i know the pain and i know when its difficult or what not. i have a good muscle memory and i know when my endorphines becoming insufficient.

so, the most difficult route i have ever rode is Titi - Genting Perez. many got to push their bikes 5 km from reaching the top of genting perez from titi. now i take this as a challenge to myself to ride again from batu 18 to genting perez to titi and return. how can i bench mark myself, if i dont go for a second time ride using the same route? we need to put our feet on the second step of a stair in order to realize that we are climbing upright, agree?

just to share, i witnessed few guys pushed their bikes, and at that time, i rode very slowly telling myself to be steady and refraining myself to stop nor to push my bike instead of cycling...i looked at them and they waved at me shouting 'hoi kak yam, tak mau berhenti ke'. i just show off my touge and pedaling hard till i reached the was an achievement for me, but not a great one, until i have ridden again at the same route, bench marked myself and get the result, that, the second ride is easier...


  1. Salam,


    You're a very tough woman! (and mother). :)

  2. salam Aliff, i have to be tougher at home, but i am not actually :p

  3. Suhaimi, just to share. i feel guilty if i dont ride for a month.....i think we can call this as 'the curse of cycling' haha

  4. pergh.. tabik spring sama Sis yam.. macam ni kalau nampak sis kayuh.. confirm ceq turun tolak beskal.. sambil bersiul2.. bagi laluan. Congrats.. memang ada stamina ni