Friday, December 11, 2009


HI!. i m quite impressed with some of the profiles' owners who are for me, very creative and talented...some have made me smiled,laughed n even made me sad..want to know why? sad as i see that actually there are so many mini porn sites in tagged profiles!

LET ME PUT THINGS STRAIGHT HERE. no need to hide my feelings..i am really offended, frustrated n angry!.call me a conservative lady yik yaking..if u like, but i need to speak my mind..what do we expect from displaying those garbage materials? more visitors? more comments? what kind of friendship do u expect from those 'CHEAP PUBLICITY SEEKERS' ??

guys n gals, pls show some moral support although this is not my to remove them from your frens list..action speaks louder.

we are free to upload any movies, pics, express our feelings, we are free to say things or highlight our opinions in this lawless medium....but still, we have a social responsibility to play towards the public or shall i say, the CYBER COMMUNITY. We r bound to keeping d terms n conditions not to upload those cheap explicit photos n videos !

what we write or what we display would or might influence/stimulate others to do so or to cause youngsters to imitate..come on, b more practical n proactive for a quality family life as this site is browsed widely by 70 millions internet surfers which i am 100% sure, includes children !

my respected and valued frens.....why do we have to waste our time for something that has no contribution in enriching our knowledge....of course sex is also one part of knowledge but we have other proper way to learn about it, is necessary to be learnt. r u being an educator by displaying all those 'mouth watering' and jaw dropping type of widgets? no body gains, but a loser is always a loser as far as dignity is concerned. dont wait until ur kids tell u so..

my free advice? BE WISER


apa yang anda boleh banggakan sekiranya anda seorang muslim dan melayu, dan memperagakan gambar2 serta video2 lucah, sepertimana yang lain2 nya....

adakah ini yang hendak dijadi contoh tauladan sebagai seorang muslim yang bertamadun dan berilmu? layakkah kita dihormati dan kononnya dinobatkan lebih baik dari bangsa lain? sebenarnya tidak ada bangsa yang lebih baik dari bangsa yang mempraktikkan ilmu...tak kira apa warna kulit.


NOTE : this notes was written approximately 11 months ago and it is copied from my profile's journal. There were some short forms like d-the, r-are, n-and, u-you

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