Friday, December 11, 2009


Have u ever heard abt physics theory that whatever being hit will bounce the same momentum of energy against what hit it? what about having good thoughts of others? does it not work the same? Have u heard about law of attraction? stay with me, i'm getting into it..

Ok, lets say u arent happy, ur spouse pretends all the time that he/she is happy, then what? If u want to see some changes, lets try something simple, no cost, no expensive therapist fee. How? Ok, firstly, we need to create some sort of 'strategically well planned actions'.This is an important element of ' law of attractions' as the word strategic will suit to what u WANT in ur marriage, u decide n ur the boss in this plan execution. U need to be smart by being directive with the strategic initiatives, which having all the good, loving, having empathy, care n concern, effective communication etc etc criteria in ur actions. This plan would also need u to include the element of 'hope' towards ur spouses as the preliminery plan, followed with 'husnuzon' (having good thoughts of ur spouse) that she or he might be able to adjust herself or himself in accordance to ur 'hope' and lastly ur actions (need help? try to recall how to get her to fall for u before :p ). When everything is done, then leave it to God for the final output of ur 'experiment'..For muslims, this is part of our tawakkal efforts :) Simple isnt it?

It is a norm to feel living in a home with 'a stranger' beside us, or having an 'unwanted guest' dining with us or sleeping with 'a long lived n known enemy' !!! haha....we have been telling ourselves , 'i dont care how she feels' or 'how do i know that he hates this' or 'we have been together for 20 years doesnt he learned anything?' or worst of, ' i dont give a damn on whatever she feels'...yes, divorce could b the solution when u reached a dead end of this kinda relationship but it isnt the ultimate solution. It worth trying than doing nothing :) lets face it, this is a desease, prevention is better than cure aye?

My dear frens, pls listen to ur heart, dont u longed for the sweetest smiles u got when both of u were in love? dont u wished for all the good time both of u used to have before? and tell me, what do u have to lose if u r the ONE who take the first step to start this strategic plans of implementing the law of attractions in ur marriage? it would be fun, trust me...when u have made the ground preparations, execute them and wait for the result...just like cycling, when u reach the top of any hill, then just enjoy the downhill ride........phew it'l b great !!!

i am not a psychologist or marriage consultant, but i thank my dearest best tagged fren for sharing his thought with me and thus, its my responsibility to share this good n valuable thought with all of u..most divorcee that i've met, admitted that how they wished they could turn back time. Why is that so? u know d answer. SO APPRECIATE UR SPOUSE NOW WHILE U CAN.


NOTE : this notes was written few months ago and it is copied from my profile's journal. There were some short forms like d-the, r-are, n-and, u-you

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